6 swimming tools every competitive swimmer should have


Most professional swimmers fell in love with the sport from an early age. The might have spent most of their young years floating on the pool floats but that isn’t always the case. Some people also fall in love with it later in life but whenever you start you have to start as a beginner.

Beginners can often make a lot of mistakes but that is okay but you are still learning. Even the professional swimmers learn new tricks every day which they use to improve their overall swimming performance so if you are planning on taking your swimming sessions to the next level then you must be ready.

Shifting from a regular pool swimmer to a competitor swimmer is not easy. You will find it a bit hard to adjust to the new routines and the training session and especially the gear. If you are planning on adopting competitive swimming then before you jump into the pool you need to invest in some of the most essential competitive swimming gear because without it you won’t be able to train better or improve your techniques.

So in this article, we are going to look at the top 6 swimming gear that you should have as a competitive swimmer to train better. It is essential to get the right products so discuss it with your trainer and he will for sure guide you about the right products that you should invest in. So let us look at the essentials that you need.

Swim Goggles:

Swimming goggles are very important when it comes to competitive swimming because it is important that you are able to see clearly in water which is why investing in the right goggles will improve your performance. Swimming goggles also protect your eye from the chlorinated water so it is a healthy choice as well.

Swim Fins:

Your strength is your asset when it comes to swimming. You need to build your strength in order to move at the pace that you wish to in the water. Swim fins are the perfect tools that help you increase the strength in your leg region. You will need it to improve your kicking so get the best ones possible.

Pull Buoy:

A pill buoy is one of the best tools that help you train against the resistance in the water. Even though swimmers want to avoid the resistance in water in order to move faster but during the training sessions, it can help you work against the resistance, get used to it and also build your strength. So getting one is a wise choice.

Swim Snorkel:

A swimming snorkel helps you breathe underwater during your training sessions. Even though this won’t help you on the day of the race but it can help you figure out what you need to do to improve your techniques. Using it during practice can help you focus more on the stroke and the motions instead of worrying about the breathing element because almost all swimmers find it hard to focus on their breathing when under water because they have to find regular rhythmic motions in between the strokes when they can come out of the water to breathe.


Even though kickboard is used by most trainers to teach the young kids how to swim but they can also be used by the adult swimmers to improve their training. Kickboards help you focus more on your leg strength and the kicking technique both of which are very much crucial when it comes to your overall performance. So, investing in kickboards is a great idea.

Hand Paddles:

Hand paddles are used by swimmers to improve their stroke techniques. When using them in water, swimmers feel a bit of drag that creates resistance thus it can help you during your training sessions to build strength and endurance which will benefit you on the actual day of the race. You can find them in different shapes and styles as well for practicing different strokes.

Now that you know the essential tools that you need for competitive swimming, you should start making a list of the best ones available in the market so that you can invest in them and start training right away.


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