How Does ITIL Certification Help in Your Career Growth?


While today’s fast-paced and surfacing world has opened up doors for numerous opportunities, the level of expertise and skill that it demands can’t be disregarded. One has to have laced with up-to-the-minute skills and dexterity to thrive in this competitive world.

If you are a tech-savvy soul who is making a dent in the world of technology and IT field with your unmatched skills then an ITIL Certification is what you need to make your presence more evident.

What is ITIL Certification course?

ITIL Certification or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library Certification course is the most resilient way that helps IT companies to makes their services in line with the demand of the current market and business world. Established as the only practical and viable framework, it helps to recognize, plan and deliver the support of IT services to the main line of business of any organization.

Why should an individual adopt a professional ITIL course and what is its job scope?

When we talk about the IT world, we actually confer with an industry which put forward a demand for skilled and competent professionals who can deliver the most accountable IT services. An ITIL course is the best way to achieve this. The training that it offers is believed to bestow them a supreme level of accepted wisdom and decision-making ability that helps an organization to achieve significant growth. Furthermore, the course makes a professional aware about the core line of business and problem-solving.

Organizations, these days, are in hunt of professionals who are able to perform under the real-time problems. It is a fact a that professionals who have mention of ITIL certification in their resumes academic sections get the attention at the very first glances and take the delight of a high paycheck when compared to the one who doesn’t have an ITIL certification. They can become a Problem Manager, Service Desk Manager, Incident Coordinator and other similar roles.

Who will get benefited with ITIL course?

Though the high-leveled viability of the course benefits every IT enthusiastic, it is one of the most imperative tools for mid-level and senior-level professionals.

Here is our rundown of professional roles and positions that can be benefited for ITIL courses:

  • IT professionals who deal with service improvement of an organization.
  • IT Consultants and Managers.
  • Mid-level and senior –level IT professionals such as IT Operation Manager, IT Security Manager, and System Analyst.

What does each level of certification offered to you?

To meet the IT industry need, ITIL certification comes in various levels. Each level has a particular set of skills to instill in you and each level of certification gives you an edge over others. While the advantage of gaining an ITIL certification is now pretty evident, now we are going to explain what each level offers to you.

This tier-leveled certification comes in five different levels. The details are mentioned below;

ITIL Foundation Certification

This is the entry-leveled certification that proffers you the ability to understand the key elements and concepts are an integral part of IT industry. It will instill the advanced understanding of nature of job, scope, and rationale of service strategy and its transition.

ITIL will make you competent to fill the gap that exists between development and operation function of an IT firm. After receiving thorough ITIL Certification, you will be able to improve your job prospects. Furthermore, you will be eligible to upgrade your skills with another level of certification like ITIL Intermediate and ITIL Practitioner.

Who should go for this certification?

  • Those who want a primary understanding of ITIL framework.
  • Those who deal in Service Delivery of IT services.
  • IT Managers and System Analysts.
  • IT Security Managers and System Administers.

ITIL Practitioner Certification

This level of ITIL certification will make available the viable guidance about the adaptation of ITIL framework to yield the maximum output. It helps professionals to bring the theoretical knowledge into practical situations. Designed to elucidate the CSI approach to an IT professional, this course will make you more competent to do optimum planning and execution of innovative ideas.

Practitioner course will boost your career as you will be able to focus on the key areas such as Communication, Measurement, and Metrics and Organizational Change Management and organizations are in search of such individuals.

Who should go for this certification?

  • Any ITIL Foundation Certified professionals.
  • Mid-level professionals who have ITIL foundation Certified professionals such as Senior Data Analysts and IT Managers.

ITIL Intermediate Certifications

Offered in two categories- Service Lifecycle and Service Capability, this certification will give you a thorough understanding of IT Service Management. It will cover five major practices of the ITIL framework. The line of study is not easy as it sounds. ITIL Intermediate certification demands a proper training run by recognized training organization like Koenig Solutions. Upon successful completion of this certification, you will get numerous job opportunities. You can be a Problem Manager or Release Manager.

Who should go for this certification?

  • IT expert with minimum of two years of experience along with ITIL Foundation Certification.
  • Senior-leveled IT professionals with ITIL Foundation Certification such as an ITIL Foundation Certified IT Manager.

ITIL Expert Certification

This certification is designed for those who want to have a better clutch of IT industry knowledge. You can become an imperative tool for an organization after completing this course. IT organizations can hire you as a process coordinator, Change coordinator or Process consultant.

Who should go for this certification?

  • A candidate who has gained a range of ITIL certifications such as ITIL Foundation, ITIL Intermediate or ITIL Practitioner.
  • Those ITIL certified professionals who want to earn an ITIL Expert Level certification.

ITIL Master Certificate

This certification, the highest of all certification, will proffer you an ability to put into operation the principles, methods, and techniques from ITIL in real-time situations.

Who should go for this certification?

  • Professionals who are into thorough planning, management and operation of IT industry.
  • Any ITIL Expert Certification Holder with 5 years of work experience in roles such as leadership or managerial.

Final words

You want a great career but today’s competitive world makes it pretty arduous to accomplish it. You can pull off this only if he has a right set of skills and ITIL Certification course is the most viable way to incorporate those skills. Tailored-made to meet the entire IT world’s requirements, this course will help to take a significant leap in your career in numerous ways. But it needs a special dexterity to achieve that can be achieved by thorough training run by Accredited Training Organizations.



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