4 Best Educational Apps for Teachers and Students

Best Educational Apps

Do u remember dragging yourself every morning to school and then waiting for the bell to ring so you could rush home? Do you also remember waiting anxiously for summer vacations to start so you can just sleep a little more and spend your time doing nothing? We all remember those days when school was the most boring place on earth. It was the time when our parents would do anything to develop our interest in studying. Well, we are lucky. Technological advancements have changed the scenario,and we don’t have to toll like our parents to push our kids to learn.

Thanks to the E-Learning industry, teachers today have apps that educate and entertain students at the same time. This reduces the burden on parents and teachers to keep the kids engaged. The E-learning industry, including online courses, is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025.  That is huge.

Unlike the traditional sources of learning, mobile apps and online courses have made it easier for students to learn anything, anywhere and anytime. Moreover, these apps ensure personalized learning at a pace that is comfortable for students. Here are some great educational apps for teachers and students.

1. Dragonbox

We all know someone who hates math. But as parents, we would love to see our kids crunching numbers on their own. So if you are struggling with teaching your kid math, then you can download this award winning series of apps for your kid. The Dragonbox has five apps. Three apps are for kids aged from 6 to 9. These include big numbers, numbers and algebra 5+. The two others apps are for kids above 9,and these include elements and algebra 12+.

The reason these apps have won the hearts of so many parents is that they are interesting and fun. In Big Numbers, for example, your child has to do long addition and subtraction and think strategically to unlock the resources. There are six different worlds that the kids can explore. The game poses more challenges and gets harder as they progress.

Algebra 12+, on the other hand, is perfect to helps kids develop a greater understanding of algebra. The app covers factorization, substitution, parentheses, multiplication and the concept of positiveand negative signs.

These apps will cost you maximum $7.99. The good part is that they don’t have any in app purchases. So, it is just a small initial amount that you need to pay to make your kid a math wizard.

2. Kahoot

Want to add a spark to your teaching methods and make the class a fun place to be? Use Kahoot. Kahoot is one of the best apps out there for teachers to encourage participation and make the learning process easier. You can assign homework and make quizzes an interactive group play. You just need to sign-up on the Kahoot website, find a Kahoot that is relevant, click challenge and set a deadline. You can also introduce new topics and make your own Kahoot if you cannot find a topic that is relevant to your class. Share the link and PIN with your class. Students can open the game on their mobile. Once they are done, you can download the report of their performance and give them marks.

An attractive feature of this app is that you can connect your students with other classrooms, globally and nationally. You can reach out to other educators who teach the same subject and then connect with them to host global or national Kahoots.

3. Science360

Want to keep your children up to date with the latest scientific discoveries? Science360 is an app that has all the latest information about the science world. The app is funded by the National Science foundation and collects all the latest news from colleges and universities. It covers a range of topics including biology, maths, physics, and geology, etc. All the videos and pictures on the app are in HD quality. Also, with the 360 degree view, kids can explore the science world in 3D. The app is not only useful for students but also teachers who want to remain updated with the latest happenings.

4. Duolingo

Research shows that people who speak two languages are more flexible thinkers than the people who speak only one language. If you aspire your child to be bilingual, then Duolingo is the app that you need to download. It is a fast, efficient and most importantly a free way to teach your kids different languages. The app covers various languages including Spanish, Danish, Hindi, Portuguese, Hebrew and many more.

The game like environment entertains students and keeps them interested in the language. Each lesson has a variety of listening and multiple choice challenges. You get points for each correct answer and for every wrong answer you lose a heart. Once you are out of hearts, you need to start again. Also, there is a streak count just like in Snap Chat. The streak keeps a count of how many days you spend on learning the new language. This is very clever of Duolingo because once you get addicted to building a streak, you don’t want to lose it.

A research was conducted to check the effectiveness of the app. The results showed that there was 91.4 points improvement in the language abilities of participants. For participants with no knowledge of the new language, it takes them 34 hours on average. This is the time to cover the material equivalent to the first college semester.Teachers can also use the app for their classrooms. The app allows teachers to track the progress of their students through a dashboard.

Apps have made learning as well as communication easier than ever. There are various apps that teachers can download to keep in touch with students and parents such as Slack or Remind. Hookt by AirG is another great app for communication. AirG reviews show that it is a great app for meeting like-minded people. It helps in improving communication that can also make your learning skills more effective.


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