École d’entrepreneuriat: What’s In it for You

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If you’re pondering about whether or not you should pursue an entrepreneurship degree at a place like the École d’entrepreneuriat de Québec, it may be hard to find a definitive answer no matter where you’re looking. Let’s take a different approach here and consider the benefits of a university education in general, which is at least what an entrepreneurship school has to offer.

Having the Degree Doesn’t Hurt

In this day and age, it’s almost a given that a college degree is the best way to improve your chances of having a more successful financial future unless you take on an astounding level of debt to obtain it, so if you’re not the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, you might find some value in pursuing any type of higher education. Traditional benefits associated with higher education are a better salary and faster advancement opportunities in your career as well as more social recognition, among other things. What’s in there for you if you don’t think you’ll ever be someone else’s employee? Well, it may help with your credibility, especially during the first years of your entrepreneurial endeavors. Shockingly enough, banks are not that inclined to lend tens of thousands of dollars to young people straight out of high school to undertake personal projects. If you complete your university education, it’s not proof of your abilities, quitting school is nothing better.


Being Surrounded by Smart People

Post-secondary education’s institutions are hubs for great people who tend to want to share their knowledge every chance they get. If you’re serious about starting your own business, you’d be foolish to pass on this incredible source of knowledge. Obviously, it give you the advantage of benefiting from these free sources of critical knowledge, and be on the lookout for experienced entrepreneurs that may be discretly hiding in an office or faculty building: you may a learn a thing or two from them.


A Vast Amount of Resources

Universities are huge businesses, in effect, which means that they enjoy and dispense vast amounts of what feels like free money. While some people may be complaining rightly about the loss of government support, universities are still paradises compared to what’s in the harsh world out there. Student entrepreneurs have the ability to access many grants and support programs that will help your business both directly and indirectly. On top of that, consider the top facilities and equipment you’ll have access to. Theoretically speaking, universities can support the vast majority of the activities needed in a startup, which means they give you access to specialized equipment that you would have to pay a lot for others. The majority universities also propose severely discounted office spaces and incubator services of the sort. For student entrepreneurs, these facilities are invaluable and have the additional benefit of providing them with “an office” right on campus. Finally, part of the available resources that can benefit a future entrepreneur is scholarships and grants. On top of all the conventional start-up grants, you can obtain an academic scholarship, or another type of financial assistance and many more.


The Ability to Identify Potential Talents

Going to university and earning an advanced degree can be useful later in your life and in ways that you can’t possibly foresee right now. As an example, an engineer is allowed to oversee his junior peers in Canada.


A Test of Entrepreneurship

This may be both the ultimate advantage and also one that is so hard to accept for many entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is all about devotion and skills. Therefore, a good way to make sure you’re ready to face the challenges that come with running a business is to try to juggle the workload of completing a degree with your other professional and personal responsibilities. If you can do that while you’re in college, it’s a good sign that you have the resilience required to run a successful business for a long period of time.

If you’re still not convinced that an entrepreneurship degree is something you need specifically, then you should at least consider the general benefits of getting a university education. Chances are you’re not above them.