How Can Managers Develop Top Notch Interviewing Skills?

Interviewing Skills

Scrutinizing and securing the right talent for organizations is one of the most important responsibilities of the human resource managers. Interviewing potential candidates is the basic step of this talent hunting. There is a general misconception in the society that only candidates need to prepare for their job interviews, in order to ensure their success.

The human resource managers also need to work on their interviewing skills, which will enable them to develop a keen eye for the right candidates. They will be able to secure the right talent for their organization, which will boost its progress and growth. The western world pays special attention to the interviewing skills of the managers, and the Middle Eastern countries are also actively following the practice to maximize their benefits. 

Most of the organizations hire the services of training companies in Dubai and ensure to polish the interviewing skills of their managers and human resource department. They ensure to leave no stone unturned in their effort of attracting valuable and skilled resources for their organizations. 

This article will discuss some of the important points which can help the human resource managers in developing top-notch interviewing skills.

Top 5 Tips for Managers to Ace their Interviewing Skills

Interviewing the candidates is the basic step of knowing their skills and identifying if they are a valuable resource or not. Therefore, the managers have to pay special attention to this process in order to ensure their effectiveness. They need some key interviewing skills which can assist them in securing valuable talent. 

The following are some of the most important tips which can help the human resources professionals and managers to ace their interviewing skills.

  • Know your Candidate and Questions

The very first tip of acing the interview as an interviewer is to know your candidate. You should always acknowledge the fact that two potential candidates will always be different from each other, even if they have specialized in the same program from the same institute. So, pay attention to the resume of candidates and get a basic idea about them from it.

Another important purpose of knowing the candidate is to work on your questions. Do not follow the same questionnaire for all candidates, but optimize it according to their skills and personality.

  • Avoid Talking Too Much

An important tip of acing the interview for human resource managers is to avoid talking too much and let the candidate speak and ask if he/she wants. This is the most important tip, which can surely help the manager identify the right talent for their organization if appropriately utilized.

Let the candidates talk about themselves, their skills, experience, hobbies, and any other thing they want. Do not make them feel odd or pressurized and offer the necessary support to help them become comfortable. Moreover, you can ask about their aspirations. 

  • Watch Nonverbal Signs

Another important tip of developing top-notch interview skills for the human resource managers is to watch the nonverbal signs and communication skills of the candidates. Consider the confidence in their tone about their skills, experience, and aspirations. Moreover, observe their hand gestures, the pitch of voice, and eye contact habits.

Such details throw light on the personality and abilities of the individual. It also depicts their perception about themselves, which significantly sheds light if their expertise matches the level they are speaking about or not.

  • Throw in Some Odd Questions

Knowing about the personality and attitude of the potential candidates is quite important for human resource managers. However, doing this in the limited time of an interview is nearly impossible. Therefore, the managers need to follow this simple tip and work on their skills. You can ask a few odd questions to the candidates and get an insight into these perspectives.

You can give some scenarios of risk management and observe the response of the candidates. Moreover, you can ask some questions about their reaction to some situations, etc. 

  • Ensure Follow Up

One of the most important tips of acing the interview and securing suitable talent for the organization is not to keep it limited to the interview. The basic tip which is often ignored is to ensure the follow up of the process. Keep the necessary contact with the candidate and help them know about the status of their application.

It will develop a positive relationship with the potential new hires and the organization. Moreover, even if you reject some candidates, make them aware of a humble and soft tone about the result through email. It will help them contact you later after improving their skills.

Bonus Tip!

Looking for a bonus tip? Well, here is one.

Practice and Get Training

Understanding the expertise of an individual in a limited time may not be difficult; however, knowing his/her personality is tricky without any doubt. Still, it is quite crucial to ensure that you are not hiring any invaluable resource. For this, you need to practice a lot.

Another important that your organization can follow is to train your employees and human resource managers. For this you can hire the services of in Dubai and ensure to develop and polish the interviewing skills of the managers. You can also ensure that they develop a keen eye for the right talent and learn to decode the smallest details.

So, start the hunt for valuable resources now by preparing your managers!