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Why New Tech Startups Are Using Online Coaching Experts

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Every entrepreneur is seeking an edge to not only outperform their competitors but to gain the confidence of angel investors or VC’s. One of the biggest hurdles these new startups must overcome is that of trust. Because so many of these individuals are so young and lack a proven history to perform at a high level, many are now calling upon online coaching services to provide guidance and mentorship.

Lack Of Experience

While many of these young startups have a lot of enthusiasm and creativity, what they don’t have is experience in the trenches. Each day a business is faced with many obstacles and challenges that must be dealt with instantly so that the operation of the business can proceed. But when it is stifled by indecision due to lack of experience or understanding, all can come to a halt where doubt can set in.

Self Doubt

All too often many of these startups begin with a high level of enthusiasm and courage. However, once the reality of what its going to take to succeed sets in, many of these business owners begin to doubt themselves very quickly where the fear of failure begins to loom over their heads. By working with a coach to help you overcome these obstacles, the experience they bring to the table can help motivate the entrepreneur to overcome their lack of self confidence.


Another powerful tool of hiring a coach is that they are able to tap into their database and network of experienced individuals who will be able to help them succeed much faster. When someone is first starting out in an industry, they are not going to know as many people as the seasoned veteran who has been working their for many years. Because they have aligned themselves with this coach, they will now be able to reap the rewards of their associations and relationships.


Keeping your mind sharp and focused on staying positive is essential for any young business leader because they can easily get down when they experience a setback of some type. Each day the organization is faced with things that may not go exactly as planned which is why it is necessary to have an online coach who is there by your side to keep you motivated when you may feel like giving up. A good coach will be able to use techniques such as NLP and priming to ensure that their client is performing at a peak state.

While it can be quite expensive to work with one of these online coaches and mentorship groups, many investors are now automatically making it part of their core budget requirements as they see it as a form of insurance on their investment.

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