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Apne tv has become the most popular website for watching tv serials. It features various tv dramas that a person can watch on television too. This turns out as a merit for all those families who do not own televisions. It is a package full of entertainment in one place for the vast audiences sitting at their homes. Apne tv Hindi Serials, Indian TV Shows, Dramas, Indian Documentaries, Award Shows, and more series can be watched anytime and from anywhere simply with the help of the internet.

What attracts audiences while watching Hindi Serials –

Indians are fond of Hindi serial apne. The fun element, the crispness, the suspense, and the mixture of emotions bind the viewers and persuade them to come right at the website even the next day. Mostly the serials are about family, turn and twists in the relationships increase all the more exciting.

Some points reveal the attractions of daily soaps satisfactory. These are as follows –

  • Daily soaps present the real-life scenarios of a person. The main and easy target of these types of series is that part of the audience categorized as women who are homemakers. Most of the daytime is consumed either by working or in front of these TV series.
  • The unique content keeps the audience bound and grab attention about the next episode that what will going to happen next in the series of episodes.
  • The roles of the cast influence the people very much. Negative roles grab much attention quickly. The personality of actors showcases the reel life as real to the viewers.
  • Some daily soaps are enjoyable and full of entertainment while on the other side some daily soaps are spreading vast knowledge, such as reality shows.
  • The writers come up with new and unique ideas day by day. The planning and plotting and strategies are a level up in these types of apne tv serials.


Why Hindi serials called daily soaps – 

Daily serials which are meant to be playing episode by the episodes daily and the dramas that are featured on any platform is said to be a term daily soaps. These dramas or Hindi serial apne can extend up to 2 to 10 years based on their ratings. It is an ongoing process. The name daily soap is the genre of tv series. The concept of daily soap has come from a long back, where there only radios were originally used.

These dramas are scheduled at a particular time to feature in the form of episodes. These episodes can be 30 minutes or an hour-long according to various preferences of the audience. The platforms to watch series can be youtube, hotstar, and amazon prime videos, etc.

Why should people watch apne tv serials –

There are various advantages felt when we studied of watching apne tv serials –


  • Get time for yourself – People usually stay engrossed in their busy life. When they sit and watch these serials they will get the alone time to think over the top.


  • Relax – People do not find time to relax at all from the busy life. But there is nothing other than Hindi serial apne which can offer more relaxation. All the works stress, worries, and tensions are kept aside while enjoying apne tv.
  • Live inside a story – People usually after watching Hindi tv serials, live the same life as their favorite character who is working and is living in the serials. Viewers link their life with the daily soaps and start acting like one.
  • Funny and happy moments  – Hindi tv is less full of funny and happy moments that a person can enjoy. These funny moments add a cherry to the cake. People laugh at some point in time in a day just because of funny elements provided in the serial then it is a great deal.
  • Get to know our emotions – Apne tv Hindi serials are a combination of various emotions. At one moment someone is happy and at the other, some are crying, viewers kept rotating in the emotional flow, and bind himself/ herself with the serial.
  • To acquire the latest knowledge – apne tv serials are not just about entertainment but it is the platform where we can acquire the latest knowledge around the world. Various reality shows are made up of these purposes. Reality shows sometimes entertain and at the same time motivates other people too.
  • Get aware of many things –  By living in the shadow of these apne tv Hindi serials daily, a person can stay up to date. The series focuses on the up to date trends and competition coming up in the market. Hence, shows suggest every person who is watching Apne tv to walk with the latest fashion.