Most Fun Party Games for Young Children: A Guide for Different Age Groups

Party Games

Technically, even 16-year old teenagers are children, but they may not be fond of the same party games which they used to like ateight years of age! What teenagers and eight-year-old children do have in common is that they all like birthday parties, although the former’s idea of having a fun birthday party might be quite different from that of the latter.

We are going to concentrate on younger children today and take a brief look through the various birthday party games that children are fond of at different stages of their journey through childhood.

2 – 4 Years Old

A birthday party before a child is at least 3 years old may make much sense to most children. As they near the end of their toddling age, however, the party games can begin. Simple games such as Prize Walk or Cake Walk is perfect at this age as everyone wins a prize or a piece of cake, and preferably both! A few other fun party games for this age group are musical statues, musical chairs, a bubble race, and a tricycle race. Make sure that nobody feels like they lost by giving everyone a prize just for participating.

5 – 8 Years Old

No other age group enjoys birthday parties and the games that come with it more than children aged between 5 to 8. Depending on their preferences, try to add a theme to the birthday party, but overall, they will love most carnival games, pool games, tabletop games, group games, scavenger hunts,head pop, piñatas, spoon races and just about anything else that lets them spend their abundant energy and satiate their ever-growing sense of competition.

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9 – 14 Years Old

This is the final age group we are going to cover here, as children older than 14 usually have their own plans with their own friends. Even at the latter end of this age group, some of the early teens may have already made plans of their own. As for the rest, advanced scavenger hunts, Truth or Dare, video game competitions, UNO competitions, Jenga and pool games will appeal more.

Keep in mind that since we are talking about having fun at birthday parties, the age groups are not restrictions by any means! They are simply mentioned to help event planners and parents understand what the children ata birthday party would enjoy the most. It is perfectly possible for a parent to enjoy musical statues more than their children, and even teenagers love water slides during the hot Florida summer days.