How to link Aadhaar Card with Bank Account

aadhar card

Aadhaar card is the most essential document in India as it has been mandated to be linked with all the other government schemes and services such as provident fund, insurance, mobile services, bank accounts etc.

12 digit unique identification numbers is to be linked with your bank account before March 31st 2018. Failing to do so will turn all such bank accounts which are not linked with Aadhaar will be considered as invalid.

Methods for Aadhaar linking with Bank Account

Linking Aadhaar card to your bank account is an easy and simple process and the process is almost similar for all the banks. And the linkage can be done both online and offline ways.

Offline Process

If one is comfortable going the traditional method i.e. offline way, can do so by following the below mentioned procedure:

Steps 1 – Download the bank account seeding form or collect it from the nearest bank branch of your bank

Step 2 – Fill in the bank and submit it to your bank branch

Step 3 – After the verification of the details you have provided for the linkage purpose, the bank will link your Aadhaar details to your account and a confirmation message will be sent to your registered mobile number

There are some banks which allow the seeding through SMS also, where you will have to just send an SMS containing your Aadhaar Number to your Bank Number using your registered Mobile Number.

Online Process

Online process is considered to be the most efficient and convenient way to complete a task, as one can do it anytime and anywhere according to their convenience. Follow the below mentioned procedure to link your Aadhaar card to your bank account online way:

Steps 1 – Visit your banks official site and log in to your account

Step 2 – Click on “Update Aadhaar card details” or “Aadhaar card seeding option”

Step 3 – After clicking on this option you will directed to a page where you will have to submit your Aadhaar details

Step 4 – Once you have submitted all the necessary details, click on submit option

After that, bank will verify all the details you have provided and the linkage will be done. A confirmation mail will be sent to your Email ID and you can get the same information over the phone as well.

And you can also seed Aadhaar – bank through SMS, all you have to do is to *99*# in their mobile phone, enter the Aadhaar number correctly and press 1 in the keypad. By following this step one can check if Aadhaar is linked to bank account by using SMS service.

Benefits of linking Aadhaar to your Bank Account

There are benefits of seeding Aadhaar to your bank account for an individual who does that:

  • By seeding the two you can receive your subsidy amount directly into your bank account.
  • You can also verify whether the scheme is reaching in the right hands.
  • Government can figure out the individuals who benefit from government schemes.

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