What are Some Smart Investment Options Available in India?

fixed deposit

In an era where the cost of living is rising, one has to make the smart investment to multiply their hard earned money. There are myriad ways for saving and investing, bearing in mind various risks involved and term plans. After analyzing all the available opportunities to invest, you would select the favorable investment plan. Smart investment results in the growth of money invested; by examining risks tolerance, personal choice and financial capabilities of the investors.

Smart Investment Way:

Before investing, you need to know your financial health and the returns that can be fetched from that investment plan. Below are a few factors to consider before making a smart investment:

Purpose of Investment

You need to determine the purpose of your investment in accordance with your financial health and preference. If you wish to earn moderate returns with less risk, fixed deposit can be a smart choice.

Risk factor

You must take into account your risk appetite which may depend on financial responsibilities, income flow, and liabilities. This factor portrays an important role in making any investment decision. You may evaluate the rate of risk involved before investing. After knowing your willingness to take the risk, you can make the decision. Investing in FD would avail moderate to low-level returns with less risk involved.

Phase of life

People at different stages of life resort to various investment options. Young people may have fewer responsibilities, so their disposable income is usually higher. Moreover, these are the years to earn more, and hence the capacity to take risk is high. While people at their middle age, impending retirement, have less readiness to take risks involved in any investment plan. For senior citizens, Bajaj Finance, one of the leading financial providers offer high FD interest rates and various benefits in consideration of approaching retirement.


While investing, you would prefer an investment option that offers high returns with low risks associated with it. Your financial situation and planning of retirement may help you in anticipating investment option where you can draw a fixed outcome and safe return of your principal amount. With the online FD calculator, you can ascertain the final amount rendered at the time of maturity as well as calculate the rate of interest that will be applicable to your investment.

Investment Period

Before making a smart investment decision, you must choose the tenor of your investment considering your financial goals and requirements. You can choose to invest in an FD with periodic interest pay-out or choose to receive the amount at the time of maturity. For fixed deposits, if you draw at the time of completion of specific tenor, you have a smooth process to recover your principal amount or extend the tenor.

The investment options available in the market are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, bank products to name a few, which might require a lot of research, risks, fund fees and various expenses concerned. On the other hand, banks, as well as Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), facilitate a suitable way to gather and manage your savings. Bajaj Finance’s Fixed Deposit is considered to be one of the most reliable investment options to grow your wealth. The company offers attractive features with FD like high flexibility and guaranteed returns.

You can select the tenor between 12 months and 60 months considering your financial requirements. The FD interest rate ranges from 8.75% to 9.10%, which is the highest interest offered as compared to other financial providers. Bajaj Finance’s senior citizens get a 0.35% high-interest rate in addition to the regular FD interest rates. You get assured returns by investing in Fixed Deposit as there is no influence of market fluctuation.

Online FD calculator helps to estimate your returns before investing. You may invest in FD with Bajaj Finance with a minimum amount of just Rs. 25000. In case of emergencies, you can avail loan against FD within 24 hours of the application and use up to 90% of the accumulated funds.