4 Downfalls of Traditional Advertisements


The way that businesses market their products or services has changed and evolved ever since advertising began, and it has seen the most change than ever before in the last 10 or so years. Digital marketing has taken over the business world. Everywhere you look on the internet you will see an advert for some product or another, to the point where most people even install an adblocker to their computer browser.

This increase of digital and social media advertising has also meant that the flaws of traditional advertising now shine through much more than they ever did before. Here are the top and most glaring faults that come with traditional advertisements.

1.     They’re Untargeted

TV and radio channels run mass advertisements that the provider has been paid to advertise, which means that every viewer or listener, no matter what shows you regularly watch or listen to, will be made to watch and listen to the same advertisements.

The nature of TV and radio means that they have a hugely broad demographic; while this means that, yes, the advertisement will reach a lot of people, not all of those people are the business’s target demographic. This means the advert is wasted on a large portion of those who view it.

2.     Big Budgets

Filming a television advert is essentially like filming a movie in miniature form. Cameras, cameramen, scriptwriters, actors, and directors all cut a big chunk into a business’s budget and it does not always pay off.It is also expensive to pay to have the advert shown, especially during prime time when your advert will receive the most viewers.

Traditional advertising can be extremely expensive, and it does not guarantee that it will recruit new customers.

3.     They Can Be Pulled

There has been a number of news stories about advertisements that have been pulled off the air. If this happens to your advert, all of the time and money you spent crafting that advert will have gone to waste. Of course, you will get press for the advert being pulled, but it puts your business in a less trustworthy light.

In comparison, with digital advertising, adverts can be edited or reposted with new edits and with very little fuss. Professionals like those from www.justlegalmarketing.com can help you craft better digital adverts without a monumental cut to your budget.

4.     They Don’t Age Well

An advertisement in a newspaper will be old news by the time the next week’s issue comes out, which means you would have to pay to have your advert in the paper week on week to keep it fresh. It can also happen with television or radio advertisements; they can become repetitive and an annoyance to the customer, which is the last thing you want your marketing to do.

Traditional advertising has been taken over by digital marketing, but this does not mean that traditional advertisements are dead just yet. They still play an important role in business, though they are the most effective for large businesses with an already established consumer base.