4 Mistakes to Avoid when Furnishing Your New Office

Furnishing office

Buying furniture can be an adventure for those who are redecorating the office, but it comes with a certain element of risk. If you make a mistake, you’ll be wasting money and frustrating the very people you’re trying to support. The worst mistakes will hurt your team’s productivity while increasing your operating costs. However, it can be difficult to strike the balance between affordability, comfort, and appearance. Here are 4 mistakes to avoid when furnishing your office.

Failing to Have a Map

You’ll need to have a map of every room you’re furnishing before you start shopping for equipment. Then, you can lay out the arrangement of the furniture you want to place in each room. Will there be enough space for two desks in that office? Is there room for the large desk you want to order for that room?

Don’t forget to include the locations of doors and windows. Ensure that there’s enough space for all of the necessary activities in a given room, instead of asking people to squeeze past a desk to get through a door or reach their storage cabinet.

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Not Knowing Their Budget Before They Start Buying

A lack of money and a lack of space are the two biggest stumbling blocks of office renovations. Once you have a floor plan, you should make a list of the various items you’d like to buy. Once you have these totals, you’ll be able to estimate the budget for the project.

You may have to make trade-offs between the quality of the items you buy and the quantity, or you could get price quotes from several vendors to find out if you can get the same items cheaper elsewhere. Just don’t make the mistake of going overboard buying trendy office furniture only to be unable to buy essential items.

Not Considering the Importance of Design

It is easy to pick a table or desk that’s sufficient to support a computer and telephone. After all, it is generally the cheapest option. However, commercial offices should also create a professional atmosphere.

Choose desks, chairs, and accessories that both enable productivity and subtly encourage people to work hard. Investing in ergonomic chairs and high-quality desks also shows your employees that you care about them. This alone can improve productivity and morale. Furthermore, failing to have desks, chairs, and other office furniture ready when people show up will hurt your team.

Forgetting the Human Element

It is easy to focus on the layout of every office, optimizing it for productivity. But people need downtime too. So, take the time to design an elegant break area. Then they’ll go there to socialize with employees instead of leaving the building. If you’re going to have several people sharing an office space, find ways to dampen the noise so they can work together.

Approach the process of buying office furniture as you would any other investment in your organization. Avoid the worst mistakes, and you will nearly guarantee improved productivity.