Are Log Cabins Environmentally Friendly?


This year more and more people are choosing log cabins. Why? It is very easy to answer. Firstly, they look extremely cozy and remain holidays all year round. Secondly, they are much less expensive than traditional domestic houses and the time of constructing the cabin is also significantly shorter – it is possible to finish the completed building within a few weeks. Nevertheless, a huge number of people who do care about the Earth and environment ask also additional questions, such as: “Are log cabins environmental friendly”? This article will answer the question and will underline how everyone may take advantage of living in a log cabin over living in a traditional house made of brick and concrete.

Are you looking forward to getting the answer to the question? If you are, here it is: yes – the timber homes Ireland are totally environmentally friendly and there are some proves.

  1. The log house is well-insulated
  2. It is made of timber
  3. Where can you learn more about timber homes in Ireland?

The log house is well-insulated

Due to the great insulation of log cabins, the heating period is limited. It means that the environment is not destroyed because of smog and harmful substances that come out of the chimney. What is more, the final decision when it comes to the heating of the timber cabins is made by the buyers. There are also available environmental friendly heating methods to choose from that the future buyer may consider, such as electrical heating and underfloor heating that are the most environmentally friendly solutions.

Furthermore, it is also worth to concentrate on the insulation of the timber homes ireland that is also very advance. The designers and engineers from Timber living do everything in their power to provide sophisticated insulation when it comes to roof and floor space (they use 100mm PIR insulation). The walls are protected by 100mm rock wool and windows are made of double-glazed units that are extremely windproof.

It is made of timber

The greatest advantage of the timber cabins is the material they are made of. They are made of timber – a natural part of the environment. In this way, it is an environmental friendly hut because it does not consist of harmful elements such as concrete, bricks and so on. Moreover, during building the timber homes Ireland there is no need to use harmful materials so the care about the environment starts when you pay for the house and finish when you move in after a few weeks.

Where can you learn more about timber homes in Ireland?

If you think that the timber cabin meets your expectations and it is environmental friendly enough, you may see the Timber living’s showroom and see how good it looks from a very close distance. During your visit in one of three offices (Cork, Boyle or Tullow) you may get all information about the types of log cabins, the building time, the total cost and a lot more. If you are especially interested in the environmental friendly solutions applied in the timber cabin you will have also an opportunity to ask about it, too. The well-qualified workers are prepared to answer all questions regarding the timber cabins.

Timber cabin although looks cosy and sweet is also environmental friendly in many ways. If you are an eco-freak, you should consider having one of the log cabins at your allotments or in the garden.