Choose the Best Kodi Sports Add-ons to View the Top Sporting Action in 2019

sports on tv

Kodi is a real boon to those who don’t want to pay a huge subscription fee for accessing TV channels and movies etc. It puts forth an easy mode of watching free content online. Apart from movies and TV shows, there are plenty of Kodi add-ons which offer easy access to sports channels too, which telecast the top sporting events live.

You can find many good add-ons in the Kodi repositories, which are dedicated to sports. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular kodi sports add-ons.



  • Joker Sports


The add-on is available at Maverick repository, which is one of the top Kodi repositories. If you are sports enthusiasts, then you may find a lot of options by getting Joker Sports. You will find different sections on it as BTSports, Sports IPTV HD, Sky Sports, and Live Sports HD, etc. Live sporting events and match highlights of various sports are also available through this add on. 



  • cCloud TV


This is a general Kodi add-on for all types of content including movies and TV shows, but there is a specialized section for sports, which features a lot of IPTV channels for sports like ESPN, Eurosport, Bein Sports, MLB Channel, Foxsport, etc.  You can get it from the Kodil repository.


Best free VPN for Windows 10

If you are installing Kodi on a Windows PC or a Windows mobile, then there are many VPNs you can choose from to enjoy a secure and anonymous browsing experience. However, a lot of them may not be actually fitting to your needs or so easy to use. If you are planning to access the top streaming channels like Amazon Prime or Netflix, then there are not much VPNs to offer you this access. Here, we will discuss a few top VPNs you can use for accessing these contents too.


# CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a top-end VPN, which offer greater security, faster access, and also help unlock premium content like Netflix.


# NordVPN

The provider keeps no user logs, offers access to Netflix and Amazon Prime, etc. There are a lot of features you get uniquely on NordVPN. 


# IPVanish

Offers top-notch security paired with greater speed. Also follows a no-log policy.


# VyprVPN

Optimum security and VyperVPN also is very easy to use. You can unblock the major channels, including the highly restricted US Netflix.

Some other best free VPN for Windows 10 are Surfshark, Express VPN, OpenVPN, etc. Let’s get back into sports add-ons for Kodi 



  • Sport 365 Live


If you are specifically looking for life sports streaming add-on, then Sports 365 Live is the best choice. It can pull the live stream from the, which is one of the top popular live streaming sites for sports. You can view events like the Indian Premier League, ATP Masters, European Basketball League, etc. on this.



  • Rising Tides


This is one of the best add-ons for football fans, which offers a handful of live football streaming. The add-on is frequently updated, and almost all streams you find here are working. Apart from football, you can also stream boxing, cricket, and volleyball action through this.

Some other top considerations to make in sports-specific Kodi add-ons are Johki’s Wrestling, Venom’s Replay, SportsDevil, Chronos Live Sports, etc.