How can I Help in the Recycling of E-Waste to Save Gorillas?

recycle e waste to save gorillas

Have you ever wondered where all used cell phones currently are?

You probably do not remember because you did not know why you should have been paying any attention to that. However, the information in this article may just open your eyes on why it is great for you to pay more attention to what happens after you are done with your old cell phones.

The information on the rapid decline in the number of Gorillas in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (where they are commonly found) is almost everywhere. You have probably been wondering how you can help in changing the situation of things, as the emphasis has been on how everyone is responsible in making the earth a safe habitat for every living specie.

Right now, you might also be wondering if this information on the rapid decline of gorillas has anything to do with your old mobile devices. Well, it does.

How do cell phones come in?

Ever searched YouTube to see how phones are made and what they are made of?

Probably not.

Well, your mobile phones were produced from a substance called coltan, mined from the Republic of Congo. As Coltan is continually mined, Gorillas (the largest mammals walking the earth) die in the process, as the substance is found in their natural habitat and also under their skin (as some miners have reported).

Coming to cell phones; its users are up to 270 in the US alone and are currently about 4.1 billion globally. In fact, it has been predicted that by 2020, cell phone users will be about 4.68 billion globally. Imagine how many Gorillas will die because users want a mobile phone upgrade.


How You Can Help in Recycling E-Waste to Save Gorillas

Here are two practical solutions.

If I were you; first off, instead of wrongly disposing of my iPhone after use, I will find a means to sell my iPhone.

Secondly, if I must dispose of any mobile phone at all, I would do it appropriately by dumping it in a recycle bin.


An average person in the US buys a new phone in 18 months, so these solutions are really practical in saving Gorillas, the planet and consequently, the ecosystem.