How to Transform Your Caravan for Your Family


Your caravan is a getaway home for the whole family, with the larger options able to comfortably house families of up to 7. The standard build, however, is just that – standard. It doesn’t reflect your family’s lifestyle, cater directly to all of your needs, and it certainly doesn’t look like your home.

To make your caravan a home away from home, you need to put some money, time and thought into it. To help you get started with transforming your family’s caravan, follow these tips.


Install Custom Storage Solutions


There are so many great caravan storage ideas out there that will suit your type and size of caravan. Generally speaking, these ideas will be broken up into two categories: temporary solutions and permanent solutions.


Temporary Solutions

With some Velcro or other non-permanent fixture, you can customize everything from the walls to the cupboards of your caravan. Add shelves, hooks, and whatever else you need on a temporary basis in case you need to use the space in a different way or if you are trying out a solution before you want to commit to it.


Permanent Solutions


Your caravan will come with many innovative, built-in solutions, but if you see a better option or addition from another seller, installing it into your caravan is a must. Fold-out TV stands, for example, can be placed against the wall or turned towards the bed for optimal enjoyment. You might install wire baskets on the wall to increase the storage, and so on. Permanent solutions are necessary for valuable and for heavy items.


Decoration Ideas


There are so many great ways to decorate your caravan so that it feels like yours.


1.    Repainting


Painting the walls, the cupboards, and so on is a great way to add personality. Just make sure you find the right paint or method for the material you are painting, otherwise you could end up dealing with streaks and drips.


2.    Updating Fixtures


Door handles, cupboard knobs, even lights or taps can all likely be changed out with little effort, meaning you can update them so that they work or look better.


3.    Custom Drapery


Drapes and bedsheets can do wonders formaking your caravan look lovely without items cluttering it up. Some options are easy – trimdrapes so that they fit the window just right. Other problems, like a uniquely shaped bed, will require more custom solutions.


Custom Lifestyle Items


For your caravan to be truly functional, it needs to be compatible with the way your family lives. This can be as simple as installing either a wall mount for tablets or installing a small TV. It could also require unique solutions. If you love to paint, for example, you might need to look into a custom easel design that can fit easily in your caravan without taking up too much space.

These custom solutions can be easy and cheap, or difficult and expensive. The amount you invest in your caravan depends entirely on how often you use it. If you are retired and use your caravan throughout the entire spring, summer, and even autumn seasons, investing in the more expensive custom solutions will help you enjoy your adventures and your retirement even more.