6 Qualities to Look for in Specific Law Firm Software

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Having the right software in place at your firm is essential for making sure it runs smoothly and reaches success. Luckily, you don’t need to be an expert in technology to find a software solution to work for your firm, as there are only a few key qualities you need to search for.


Casefile management

Case files are the lifeblood of a law firm. Holding all the important information needed to win a case, they must be managed with the utmost care. When it comes to managing files personally or by hand, there is much more margin for human error. This can be avoided using law firm software. Enabling employees to manage their cases while avoiding mistakes, it’s a great way to streamline the organization of a firm.


Legal document support

While much of a lawyer’s time will be spent with clients and working through deals, important legal documents such as oaths are imperative to keep on top of. Drafting oaths throughout a case can take up a lot of time, but this is the time that can be saved. It’s worth searching for oath drafting features in a software package, which automatically creates a document using case-specific data from a centralized system.


Enhanced communication

Some forms of communication aren’t as effective as others, with 26% of employees admitting that emailing in work kills their productivity, preventing a team from working cohesively. Instead, it may be more efficient to use modern software for communicating. From having a public company diary to providing lawyers with much-needed collaboration tools, modern communications are a step in the right direction. The right software will also help lawyers correspond better with clients by using automated features.


Employee workflows

When lawyers are working long hours on cases, it can be difficult to stay focused on the end goal. Much of the time, this is down to practical problems, like not having an efficient workflow in place. The problem is that many software packages do not offer case-specific workflows in the same way Redbrick Solutions do. As each workflow will differ depending on the case, it’s essential for employees to customize each one with ease.


Automated features

While law firms operate with the aim of giving highly personalized service to clients, there will be times where admin overshadows this. In fact, workers can lose up to a third of their work time every year to admin duties- time which cannot afford to be lost when working on a case. This may include sending out updates to clients on their case or filling in important forms. Either way, these processes are integral to ensuring client satisfaction and fair working hours. Luckily, they can be completed accurately using automated features often found in law firm software.


Centralized payments

Invoices and payments don’t just need to be paid on time, but also accurately. When employees have spent hours working on a case, they should be compensated appropriately for this work. Having a centralized payment system removes a lot of the bureaucracy involved in making payments, so it’s wise to look for software that offers payment support. This way, you can ensure that the hours paid to employees are both timely and in line with the work spent on each case, promising minimal mistakes.