Getting Legal Attestation of Documents as Proof of Address

Legal Attestation of Documents

For the sake of obtaining the official recognition in UAE, you ought to attest different documents of yours. There may be a number of reasons behind the need for attested documents including family visas, educational purposes, employment purposes as many more.  The process of attestation may vary for different documents but the back-end reason is always the same i.e. attestation.

Getting the attestation services in UAE can save a lot of time as well as money of the person. You can take help from legal advisors such as HHS Lawyers, This is because not everybody is very good at understanding the legal procedures properly. Taking the guidance and assistance of experts may always make the processes very convenient.

What is attestation?

it is the process in which different documents are checked to make sure they are genuine and authentic. Attestation is used for different governmental purposes but may be very time consuming as well.  That can be considered one of the reasons why people prefer taking the help of attestation services rather than doing it all alone. Another important reason why people choose to take the attestation services is that a minor mistake in the documents can delay the task to a huge extent. In order to avoid that and save as much money as possible, they go for such professional services.

Importance of attestation

Without attestation, it wouldn’t be possible for the companies and institutions to know where the documents originated in the foreign country were authentic or not. also, different documents vary from the other which may confuse the government bodies about their authenticity. That is why this process is carried out which verifies all the documents completely in the best possible manner.

The process of attestation in the UAE

Documents that are issued outside the premises of UAE must be verified to be used in the UAE. No matter whether it is the address of the person, certificate, degree or more, it all must get authenticated.

The process of attestation is completed in three steps which include; Notarisation, Attestation, Legalisation

  1. Notary public views the true copy of the document that is originated by the home country of the person
  2. Ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) attestation takes place for checking the genuineness
  3. UAE embassy will legalize the document by its stamp so that it may get allowed to be used in UAE
  4. the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) will attest the document for verifying the genuineness of the UAE Embassy of the country of origin is genuine.
  5. Documents are legally translated as well as stamped in Arabic through the Ministry of Justice
  6. The document becomes fully ready to be used in the UAE.

The fees at each stage may vary from one another.

By taking the professionals attestation services in UAE, you would be able to get rid of so much stress that may come up with carrying out the process of attestation. They know how to deal with the government bodies accurately without delaying the process. So, take their help and legalize your documents as soon as possible. To learn more about attestation and other legal services click here.