Formation Continue: Why You Should Offer Continuous Training Opportunities to your employees


If you’re an employer, depending on which country you operate, you may feel completely overwhelmed by the weight of taxes and other charges imposed on you by regulatory bodies. In this context, why should you pay for your employees’ training on top of that, you may ask? Isn’t the whole training and education thing something they should deal with on their own (and before you hire them, if possible)? Not necessarily. Putting the cost aside for a second, there are several reasons for employers to pay for their employees’ continuous training at a formation continue cegep.


It Will Improve Their Productivity

This sounds like a given but when money is concerned, employers can easily forget (or downplay) the primary objective of continuous training: making their employees more productive by updating their skills and giving them new tools in order to turn them into better, more productive employees. As the old saying goes, you have to spend money in order to make money, so bite your tongue, write the check and let other turn your employees into money-making machines. They’ll have more skills, more confidence, and will know more about their industry — all features that will help them perform better at their daily tasks. Continuous training also keeps employees informed of new industry trends and developments, which is another great asset for your company.


It Will Make Them More Loyal to You

This one isn’t set in stone, but employees tend to be more loyal to employers that invest in their training or other things pertaining to their personal development. It’s not to say that bringing your team to a 3-hour conference once will ensure that they praise you for decades to come; it simply means that providing your employees with continuous training opportunities is a gesture that proves you care, and everyone like to stick with someone who cares about them, which makes sense. Employees who are presented with development opportunities feel supported, valued, and appreciated. Plus, continuous training meets a fundamental human need: we are all driven to grow in all aspects of our life, and job is certainly an important one. Without this opportunity, no money in the world can keep employees happy in the long-run.


It Will Attract the Best Talents

If you think that monetary compensation is 99,99 % of what talented young (and less young) people are looking for in a potential employer, you seriously need to go and take a walk on an university campus. The best of the best, those whose grade report is basically a straight A’s vertical line, are not that interested in the starting salary you’re offering (because chances are what you offer is fairly comparable to what your competitors are also putting on the table anyways). They want to know if your company is a place where they will be able to grow, both as professionals and on a more personal level. When you spend 40 + hours working for someone, you need to get more from this relationship than simply a paycheck, especially if you’re someone in demand in your field.  As an employer, you should be aware of that and give talented employees, those that your competitors want to snatch before you do, all the reasons to come work for you.


It Will Improve the Reputation of Your Company

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that offering a good product and / or service at a decent price is not enough, anymore. You have to impress your main stakeholders – your clients – by being an employer of choice, which means providing your employees with a safe and rewarding environment where they can grow on all fronts. Having your employees sing your praises in public every time they’re asked about their jobs is the best publicity you can hope for.

 Providing your employees with continuous training opportunities has so many benefits that if the only two downsides (cost and time) can be effectively mitigated, it should be a no brainer. Invest in your employees today and reap the benefits tomorrow.


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