How do Silicon Valley Companies Motivate Their Employees to Stay Productive and Motivated?

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Any business owner should be incredibly aware of the importance of having happy andmotivated employees in order to have a successful business on the market. Apart from the fact that a high salary will surely motivate any employee to give his or her best while at work, the corporate culture and the other benefits are also incredibly important for increased productivity at work. There have been numerous studies which have shown that a healthy and safe work environment has a great influence on the productivity of the employees working there. Offering a workplace which takes care of the mental health of the employees has also proved to be incredibly influential in the way that the employees are able to focus on the tasks they need to complete, the way they work together with their  co-workers which results in increased productivity, and the decrease of the chances of quitting a job which not only that brings them a good financial status but also a big personal satisfaction.

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All countries around the world and all business owners are doing their best to understand how the work ethic in Silicon Valley is such a legendary one and how they can copy it for more productivity. First of all, we need to be aware of the fact that the amazing working ethic has developed among years in the context of highly educated workers due to the numerous universities which offer high-quality educational system which leads to skilled employees who have a large baggage of knowledge which is the base of high-quality work in creating products and offering amazing services to the customers of any business. Secondly, the work ethic in Silicon Valley has a very essential principle which they focus on. They do not focus on working several hours after the working hours are over but rather, they prefer working smarter.So, let us understand howthe business owners in Silicon Valley succeed in motivating their employees to be productive, focus on their work, and successfully complete their tasks before the numerous deadlines which is essential for the success of any business.



They understand the sense of responsibility

One of the secrets of the legendary working ethic in Silicon Valley in motivating employees to be incredibly productive is the fact that they are thought right from the beginning the sense of responsibility. Silicon Valley is known as the place where most of the most notorious tech companies are located so the employees understand the fact that resolving a server crashing problem as soon as possible in on their backs such as the survival of the company it is as well. In other words, the times of crisis such as hitting the deadlines and working incredibly productive when a problem occurs in motivating enough for the employees because they understand that the success of the company which they are working for also creates the context for their own success. In order to maintain super-motivated employees, they need to understand the responsibility which is put on their back for reaching the highest purposes of the company and they need to be reminded all the time that their daily efforts for it will lead to progress and bigger financial returns.

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Offer amazing benefits

Whether it is health insurance, paid parking, free lunches, or amazing paid trips, fantastic benefits are the ones which are used by the business owners in Silicon Valley to find and retain genius and talented employees.Ongoing training which makes them feel valued as you invest in their education, free benefits which can only get while working for your company,wellness natural solutions which helps them maintain their mental well-being, and a great financial plan is what increases productivity and motivation. You need to keep in mind that generosity begets loyalty and only by offering something which your employees could not find at any other company is going to help you motivate them to work hard to keep their privileged job.


Be a leader rather than a boss

People need to feel appreciated for the hard work which they do in order to be happy and motivated to continue showing an increased productivity which benefits both the company they work for and themselves. Having a boss which is more like a leader and a friend which gives good advice and offers help when needed rather than an arrogant and a complainer is surely the way that the employees feel more valued and motivated to prove their worth. If you wish for our employees to be as efficient and productive as the ones from Silicon Valley, you should stop making your employees feel like they should look up to you just because you are their boss and rather give them real reasons such as kindness, good manners, support, and respect. As I have mentioned before, working in a work environment which does not affect the mental health is surely one of the most motivating aspects which will keep your employees focused and involved in working hard for the success of your business.

Create social space for the team

Teamwork is surely a contemporaneous hot topic in the business world because everyone has understood that few minds working together are definitely working more efficiently than just one leading to better results. When creative ideas are shared, debated, and put together, the productivity of the employees is increased considerably. The entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley, not only that they have understood the importance of teamwork, but they also ensure the context for their employees to become a bonded team in order to work amazing together. Another secret which you need to learn for the work ethic which has made the companies from Silicon Valley be on the top of the worldwide market is to create social space for the team and organize employee events which leads to having fun and building team camaraderie by engaging your employees to communicate, socialize, and get to know each other better.

The most essential key in motivating your employees for an increased productivity is to make them feel valued and appreciated.