Embrace Your Roots with the Exquisite Maharashtrian Bridal Jewellery!

Maharashtrian bridal jewellery

Along with Bhelpuri, Bollywood, dreams, and visions of aspiring people, the state of Maharashtra offer yet another touch of glamour- the gorgeous Maharashtrian bridal jewellery worn by all beautiful Marathi wives-to-be.

These eye-catching, exquisite ornaments are reflective of the state’s vivacious culture and aesthetics. Each of these trinkets bears the signature style, which pays homage to its roots. This wedding jewellery from the ‘Land of Warriors’ imparts a bride with a sense of empowerment. Like each state, Maharashtra has its own unique style complete with traditions, costumes, and jewellery.

Additionally, the Marathi style of wedding and their ornaments catering to this purpose vary from any other state in some ways. One of these differences is in the colours of their bridal attire. While the entire country lingers on with red sarees symbolising an auspicious start to a new chapter of their life, Marathis prefer aubergine, leaf green and golden yellow.

These standouts can be found in their bridal ornaments as well. Read on to find out their signature trinkets meant for brides:

List of various Maharashtrian bridal jewellery

A sight of a radiant Marathi bride draped in a traditional Nauvari saree paired with the perfect Marathi bridal ornaments reflects their attachment to their roots. Here are a few Marathi wedding jewellery without which a bride looks incomplete.

a. Mudavlya: A signature ornament, innate to any Marathi wedding, Mundavlya is a piece of unisex jewellery signifying that a bride and a groom are ready to get married.

This ornament is originally a pearl string tied across the temple of the forehead, and there are 2 vertical strings of pearls which drop down the sides of their faces. This flanks the face gracefully and is efficient in framing the hairstyle of a Marathi bride.

b. Vaaki: Vaaki or bajuband is a gemstone embellished ornament worn on either arm. A solitary ruby stud at the centre of this trinket lends it the glamorous touch required in wedding jewellery.

c. Jodvi: This trinket is generally a gift from the groom’s mother and is usually worn on the second toe finger. This symbolises the marital status of a woman and is generally made of silver. There can be intricate designs with or without stone studding.

d. Choora: Marathi brides were a mix and match set of bangles – gold kadas alternated by green glass bangles. Often called the ‘sound of gold’, these bangles and chooras add on to the radiance of a bride. Moreover, the green colour of bangles symbolises fertility.

e. Nath: The tradition of wearing a nose-ring symbolising the marital status of a woman, runs throughout the country. However, with each state, the style of nath varies. Traditional Marathi nath is gorgeous and highlights the bridal look. A traditional nath is essentially a pearl one with ruby or diamonds studded as the centrepiece.

These are some traditional Maharashtrian bridal jewellery right from their Dāgadāginē pēṭī! Choose according to your preferences…the traditional touch always remains trending…

Enjoy revisiting your roots on your D-Day and stand out from the cliché bridal appearance!

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