Exciting Things to Do on a Long Weekend


If there is a long weekend coming up, you can plan some exciting things to do instead of wasting the opportunity. You don’t have much time on your hands, so you can’t design a trip to faraway places. However, you can plan activities to do at home or in nearby areas.


Movie marathon

 You can decide as a family what movies to watch. You can also binge watch several TV shows on your streaming account. To make it exciting, each member of the family can choose one show to watch until you finish all these shows. If there are kids at home, you can select children-friendly movies or TV shows that are appropriate for their age.

You can also step it up by making it an interactive TV show night. You can watch an episode of your favourite show or a clip on YouTube. Analyse the video and discuss what you saw with the family. You can talk about controversial issues raised in the show, or a lesson you learned while watching them.


Start a family competition

 You can have an art contest at home. You can also do a cook-off. You can play cards or board games. There are fun activities that the entire family will enjoy. You can also tweak some of these games to make them even more exciting. Don’t forget the prizes too, to keep everyone in the family engaged.

Cook difficult recipes

 You watched several recipe videos online, but you are yet to try any of them. You think they are too difficult for you to do, and you also don’t have enough time because of how busy you are at work. Since you now have enough time on your hands, you can try some of the difficult recipes. You can also try other dishes that your children want.


Go to the nearest beach

 If you reside in a coastal area, the beaches are certainly a few minutes away. Head to the nearest beach for a day trip. You can make sand castles with kids, play water games, or relax under the heat of the sun.


Visit science museums

 You can do this activity with your kids to make your day not only fun but educational. You don’t want to let go of the chance to teach your kids valuable lessons. Science museums can also be interactive, which is a good thing since it makes learning more comfortable for your kids. They can grasp the concepts, instead of learning through theories.


Book a luxury apartment

 If you can find a luxury apartment nearby, you can have a stay caution there. Enjoy the facilities and amenities available. Most of these apartments have fitness gyms, swimming pools, and other features you don’t have at home. It does not hurt to enjoy a night in a lovely apartment and have a break from your house. Check out Edinburgh apartments if you reside in the area, for some of the best choices.

With these activities, your long weekend can be more fun than any other long trip you have ever had.