Some Trendiest Gold Ornaments’ Designs with Animal Based Inspirations

Trendiest Gold Ornaments

The relationship of Indian tradition with nature shows in the jewellery pieces designed here. With the country being composed of different cultures across the regions, similar has been the evolution of gold ornaments designs. One particular style that has gained prominence is gold ornaments designed with inspiration from animals.

In recent years, this trend has seen an enormous jump. Although many of them already exist in cultures of different states, they have found a liking in the fashion industry. They are also being presented as the hot trends on ramp walks and fashion shows. Let’s check them out one by one.

Gold ornaments’ designs with animal inspirations:

1. Loka paro or the pigeon necklace

Assam has its long connection with Loka paro, a gold pendant and necklace set designed in the shape of pigeons. This ornament carries designs of two pigeon heads arranged in opposite directions. They are interspersed with golden beads which lie in between them and on either side of each pigeon.

In one variation, you can find these pigeons dangling from a necklace made with multiple threads that have precious colourful stones sewn in them. Another variety is known as Pat Sun and is worn by women living in rural Assam.

2. Gunus

A type of bangle, Gunus is associated with the tradition of Himachal Pradesh. It is thick and made of pure gold. The bangle has two ends, with each one representing a snake’s head. Some of them also have lion heads in the end.
These gold ornaments’ designs find some major inspiration in animals as they have animal shapes carved all over the bangle’s body.

3. Gold hinge

Inspired by the culture of Orissa, gold hinges are bracelets worn by both men and women in the state’s tradition. Their speciality is the shape of an elephant’s head designed on each end. One of the most popular gold ornaments of Orissa, they are usually made in 20-carat gold.

4. Black lion necklace

Gaining huge popularity in the past few years, black lion necklaces have seen people from all regions wearing it with their traditional attires. This unique piece of jewellery for men sports a black lion head on a gold necklace.
It signifies the creativity of Indian jewellery designers and has been an inspiration for many other jewellery pieces.

5. Gold kada

Gold kadas have been inspired for ages with animal designs. However, it has received a new-found liking with the fashion world in the recent past. It comes in various intertwined animal structures like elephant trunks, peacocks, crocodile designs, and many more.
These kadas can be worn with most traditional outfits as they perfectly match the intensity and energy the festivals come with.

6. Gold cufflinks with lion head

Talk about intricate creativity & craftsmanship, and you get gold cufflinks with lion heads, a perfect mix of sophistication, pride and honour. You can get these cufflinks even in double lion heads that feature these lions roaring halfway.

These gold ornaments’ designs inspired by animals are only gaining favour among fashion-conscious men and women. In the times to come, this appeal is only expected to increase. So, if you are looking to sport a jewellery design that is in line with the latest trends, animal inspired ornaments are in this season.

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