Store and Fold Bedsheets Like A Pro With These 5 Tips!

Fold Bedsheets

Store and Fold Bedsheets Like A Pro With These 5 Tips!

Storing and folding bed sheets, pillow covers, comforters, and the dreaded fitted sheet can be a stressful task. If you’ve been trying to get perfectly neat single fold or double fold bedsheets, then you’ve come to the right place. Anything is possible in Life with little patience and practice. Even folding the fitted sheet is possible with practice and patience.

We have five tips to help you with the task of folding and storing bed sheets. Let’s get started with the most important tip – Space!

1.   Space To Fold And Store

When folding bed sheets, it’s essential to have enough space around you to maneuver the sheets. Cramped spaces can leave you feeling exasperated. So take you freshly laundered bedsheets into the largest room of your home. Having a large surface to fold on is also handy when trying to a single fold your bedsheets – a large table or bed will make folding easier. Therefore, the more space you have to move your arms and the sheets around, the better!

It’s also essential to have a dedicated space for your folded bedsheets. Designate a drawer or cabinet and make it your bed linen closet. This is where you can store all your neatly folded bedsheets. Having this covered space for your bedsheets will protect them from dust mites and other pests that could degrade your precious sheets.

2.   Get Help!

Got a roommate or a family member in the house? Get them to help you with folding your sheets. It can be hard to fold super king-size bedsheets all by yourself. Therefore, if you’ve got a person around, get them to help you with the folding. Use the same technique as folding a Saree, line up both edges, and make a single fold. Repeat the process till your bedsheets turn into a neat rectangle or square.

3.   Iron Bedsheets!

We bet you won’t enjoy this next tip, but it’s one that will help significantly with folding bedsheets. You know that wrinkled bedsheets are hard to fold. Plus, there is nothing pretty about making a bed with crumpled bedsheets that have fold lines too! Therefore, make an effort to iron your bedsheets. The Dust mites can’t survive in high temperatures. This step will also help eliminate dust mites that might be hiding in the sheets. There are also anti-dust mite sprays for fabric that can be used before you iron. This spray will ensure that your bedsheets are free of any pests. Once you’re done ironing, you can begin to fold your bedsheets with ease, follow the video below.

4.   Fitted Sheet Folding Technique!

Now for the seemingly impossible task of folding a fitted sheet. The video above uses the Konmari or Marie Kondo technique. The technique is in a huge trend right now. It’s also easy to follow and space-saving techniques.

With a few practiced single folds of the fitted sheet, you’ll have a neat little package to store in your closet. There are many easy-to-follow video tutorials on ‘how to fold a fitted sheet’ online. Find one that suits you the best on the internet.

5.   Prep Your Bed Linen Closet

Remember to keep your linen closet free from dust and pests by regularly cleaning it. You can also add mothballs to keep pests at bay. Another great tip is to line your drawers with paper or drawer liners (available online). So your bed linen is well protected. When storing away folded sheets, don’t clumsily throw it into your bed linen closet. This action will unnecessarily cause extra wrinkles. Organize it in a way that your freshly steam pressed bed sheets will remain neat and tidy. Plus, a well-organized closet will make it easier for you to access your bedding sets. It also maximizes the amount of storage.

We hope you found value in our five tips for folding and storing bed sheets. If you have a few nifty tricks that make the folding or storing process more straightforward, let us know in the comment section! In the meantime, if you’d like to add some more pieces to your bed linen closet, head to!


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