Tips for Building a Versatile Men’s Wardrobe

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Men are mostly satisfied with a clothing style that they have chosen and they keep on piling up the same style cloths. Most men do not like experimenting with their wardrobe which means that they end up with uncharacteristic and boring clothing options. A good wardrobe should have casual, formal and sportswear for men so that whether you are going to office or for a workout you have the right cloths to wear. The latest trends and fashions are often introduced as new season approaches which make it a perfect time to revamp the wardrobe and make it versatile, stylish and comfortable.

Here are a few tips that can help in building a versatile and functional wardrobe.

Follow the rule of three:

If you want to dress smart then you need to shop smart as well. You have to be careful about the shopping budget so that you can spend your money on the items that you will wear and not dump at the back of the closet. The rule of three should always be remembered as you go shopping. The rule means that you should always shop in threes. While buying the shirts you should buy one in neutral color, one printed and a third one that compliments other clothing items already in the wardrobe.

Always upgrade the basics:

The basic clothing items like plain t-shirts, jeans, joggers, etc. are wardrobe essentials. You should always remember the wardrobe basics while upgrading the wardrobe. These wardrobe essentials are more versatile than they are given credit for. Put on a blazer on top of a white plain t-shirt and god jeans and you will add a formal touch to the appearance despite wearing casual clothing.

Add versatility to the wardrobe by adding plain t-shirts, dress shirts and sweatshirts so that you have something good to wear on every occasion. Add one two nice jackets to the wardrobe as well because they are excellent for adding some style to basic clothing. You can choose a denim jacket or bomber or if you want to get a little bold then a leather jacket.

Find your favorite color options:

If you want to update the wardrobe then you need to narrow down the color options. You need to understand the color combinations that work well together. You also have to remember that there are certain colors that are appropriate for work while others are not. Neutral colors like blue, grey, black, etc. are an excellent choice. You can purchase and combine different shades and you will be able to make your look interesting without making it look out of place. You should find co-ordinates pieces that you can wear with different clothing items. Mixing and matching the items will help in making the outfit interesting and distinct.

The footwear:

While upgrading the wardrobe you should not forget the footwear because the outfit is not complete without the right shoes. For casual wear you should have a pair of trainers or joggers. There are a variety of options when it comes to trainers so you can choose the one you find most suitable. You can get leather shoes for formal wear or you mix the casual and formal wear by wearing boat shoes with formal wear.

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