3 of the Biggest Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Even with the best marketing intentions, it’s easy to make mistakes. Simply having a fantastic product and impressive experience isn’t enough. Marketing means learning how your consumers think and knowing how best to build a relationship with them in order to develop an adequate strategy.

Here are 3 marketing behaviors to avoid, and how to do them better.

  1. Putting Too Much Focus on Yourself

If you’re trying to market your company or product, then you need to be likeable. Even if your product is the best available, consumers will be deterred if they don’t get a great vibe from you. This negative focus on yourself can stem from talking too much about yourself, how your product is simply the best, and all the years of experience you have. It is great to let customers know these things if they are true and imperative to the value of your product, but it shouldn’t be your sole focus.

Instead, ensure you provide something of value for your customers. Take the time to ask them questions, and take the time to listen. Building positive relationships with customers is key to selling your product. If they see that you’re taking the time to talk with them instead of at them, then this will be beneficial to you.

If you need advice in how to speak more confidently with your customers, you should seek professional market guidance like the Speaking Training Toni Vans provides.

  1. Gaining Leads Unethically

Organic, well-earned traffic is the best kind of traffic in terms of marketing. You want people to land on your website or find your services because you were genuinely the answer to their problems and your content was interesting and informative.

However, many marketers play the system and, instead, gain leads by clickbait-type content that is simply stuffed with keywords just to get themselves out there instead of being the entertaining content it should be. This leads to more visitors but very few sales.

It can be frustrating if you’re not getting as many clicks or leads as you hoped, but you should work to transform your marketing to encourage more leads naturally and ethically. Work on your content being more engaging, and plan how to better implement keywords and promote your services (the right way).

  1. Promoting a Product Instead of Solving a Problem

Usually, when a consumer enters a search term into Google, it is because they have a problem that needs fixing. This means, if they click on to your website, they want to see exactly how you’re the best solution for them explained as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of marketing is focused on outlining the benefits of a product and the entire business’s backstory and history of expertise.

This is important information to include on the website, of course, but consider instead placing it in a separate ‘About Us’ section. You should reserve your landing page or homepage for the content that is going to grab the consumer’s attention and make them keep reading and decide that you’re the solution to their problem.