4 Marketing Trends SMEs Need to Know for 2020


Marketing is important for any business, but small and medium-sized businesses are especially dependent upon good marketing. Without a good marketing strategy, it is all but impossible to properly establish yourself. Here are 4 ways that businesses will achieve this in 2020.

Data Everywhere

Data underpins just about everything in the modern world. Believe it or not, even the recommendations given to you by Amazon and Netflix are being generated from data and artificial intelligence. We often like to think of data analytics as being a very complicated subject, and if you studied statistics at school, you will understand why. However, many of the most common applications of data analytics are actually very simple.

Within the context of a marketing strategy, there are lots of ways that you can deploy data without having to have access to significant computing power or data analysts. Any data that helps you to better understand your target demographics can enhance your marketing efforts. The sooner you start gathering data, the sooner you can start using it to inform your strategy.

Conversational Marketing and Chatbots

Chatbots have been an increasingly common sight online in recent years. We mostly associate them with tech support, as this is the most common application for them. However, these chatbots are increasingly forming another strand of a business’s marketing, and are actually incredibly effective.

In answering customers’ queries and pointing them in the right direction, chatbots can keep customers on your website when they would have otherwise given up and left. This enables you to not only raise your conversions but to capture some business that would otherwise be lost.

Blog-Driven Website Growth

A website that does nothing but provide information about a business represents a missed opportunity. Even if there is an e-commerce component to your website, this alone will not sustain it in the long term. Alongside your e-commerce business should also be a blog.

A blog enables you to easily provide more value to your regular users, by encouraging them to visit the website on a more regular and casual basis.

Publishing articles on your blog that are relevant to your niche will improve your SEO as well as your business reputation. For example, a business that sells PCB design software may publish an article about transmission lines and how they factor into PCB design.

Deeper Personalization

Customers have come to expect some degree of personalization as standard. Just about every online service that we use, and a growing portion of the marketing material that we receive, addressesus by our first name. Adding personalization to your marketing will help it to resonate more effectively with your audience. Even a relatively simple type of personalization such as the aforementioned use of the first name can have a noticeable impact on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Small and medium enterprises need to market efficiently if they are going to be able to compete with larger and more well-established competitors. The marketing trends above will define how SMEs achieve their goals between now and 2020.