Known And Unknown Ways To Empower SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS stands for Short Message Service but if you use it in the correct way it will not fall short in providing you with the maximum return on your investment in business marketing and promotion. All you have to do is to have a proper plan, stick to it and follow a few simple yet most effective steps.

Start with creating a dedicated SMS marketing team, especially if you are into large SMS marketing campaigns which are surely not a DIY project. SMS marketing requires a variety of skills and therefore if you have a dedicated team of professionals you will be able to get the most out of your SMS marketing strategy.

In the team there be a couple of members who can double or multitask playing different roles but you will need to have all of the following:

  • An expert in SMS marketing program
  • An expert in retail
  • Coordinators for your on-location signage
  • Social media experts
  • Digital creative designers
  • A promotions specialist and
  • A discount budget and an ROI analyst.

You may include a few more people according to your need but these are the essential arms of your team that you must ensure that you have. A complete and professional team will ensure that all the areas are covered and properly coordinated so that you can meet with the timeline for SMS which is becoming more and more immediate.

Make sure that your marketing team works very closely in tandem and communicate with you continually regarding the plans and strategies and how to execute things. Remember, if you have a SMS marketing team that is more complete, you will be able to reap greater benefits when you send invitations via text by making your marketing strategies more effective and responsive.

Focus on your customers

Once you have created and know your team, it is time to focus on your customers to know them better.

The best way to know your customer and deliver them with exactly what they want is by using the CRM or Customer Relationship Management app. This special software will help you in many different ways including:

  • Analyzing the purchase history of the customers
  • Gathering more data on location based demographics and
  • Measuring the degree of success of your text messages.

All these facts and information will help you to segregate your customers for more targeted promotions of your product. If you are dealing with cosmetics just imagine that you send a message regarding or a coupon for an anti-wrinkle cream to a twenty year old woman to buy from your store which is in Houston while the woman stays in Boston. A sheer fuss of things!

Therefore, this clear knowledge and information of your customers will in turn help you to send the right text messages to the right customers making your SMS marketing campaign a sure success. It will also help you to send bulk messages in order to promote your products and make general sales so that anyone living anywhere in the world can take advantage of it.

Focus on your messages

Now get to the point with your team so that you tap the right customers with the right message sent at the right time.

You must first focus on writing clear and precise messages that ought to be brief and at the same time highly informative. Hit the nail right on the head keeping in mind that you have only 160 characters to write your message. You will be better off if you can do it is less than that. Make sure that your message is:

  • Written in plain English
  • Contains no emoticons
  • Has no abbreviations
  • Is not open ended and
  • Is not written in all caps.

This will give your clients a fair idea about the invitation to a sale. They will know when it starts and ends, the day or a month of the sale and even the expiration date on the coupon if any. The customers will be more likely to respond because you will have given them adequate information as well as proper incentive.

It is also important that you get your messages out at the right time. This is because SMS marketing is all about immediacy. If you research on the timing factor a bit and you will know that:

  • It takes about three minutes on an average by the people to open a text message
  • The best and most effective responses from the customers to any sales, events and promotions through SMS come as last minute impulses and
  • The most acceptable hours to send and receive SMSs are between 8 am and 9 pm.

Therefore, if you have any event on a Friday night, for example a dinner promotion, make sure that you send the message about it in the afternoon or end of the day if it is any other workday, but certainly not too early in the morning or too late at night.

If you want to take your SMS timing a step further you may do a little more research to find the best time based on the past interaction history of your specific individual customer with your text messages. This ultra-targeting method for SMS marketing will take you beyond the demographics and region enabling you to customize your marketing efforts to ensure optimized results.

Promote opt-In

You must utilize all media to gain the maximum results from your SMS marketing campaigns. Make sure that you provide your customers with an option to opt-in. Make sure that you give them such a chance at every point of contact including:

  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Newsletter
  • Point-of-sale
  • Snail mail and
  • SMS, of course.

Last but not least, remember to focus on your best clients who are loyal, buy regularly from you, give you feedback, and promote your brand to friends and family. The smartest strategy to follow is to identify the circle of customers aka influencers and bestow additional resources and time to them. Since they use and know your brand, use such knowledge to your nest advantage.