5 Wonderful Places to Visit When You are on a Low Budget


Why a vacation? Because traveling to the most beautiful places does not necessarily have to break your banks! Most of us think of a vacation as a very “high profile- for the richies” kind of thing but the myth is to be broken, let us call for a reality check! How exciting does that sound and if you are an over-enthusiastic bunny like me, I understand what does a vacation mean to you but vacations are always presumed as a plan that can put a big cut on your pockets. So here are 5 wonderful places to visit when you are on a low budget. Here we go –

1. Bali: Indonesia is indeed a place that one must visit place to explore its hidden beauties and if in case you’re in search of an extraordinary whole deal trip, Bali trip offers a number of fantastic encounters for an awesome trip. You can without much of a stretch remain in a private villa overlooking stunning rice paddies with a private pool for around 1000 to 3000 per night depending on your precise location. A homestay will help you stay a lot and you can a lot of homestays around the Bali Beach. The rate drastically changes with seasons. So if you are really looking for a budgeted trip, try and plan it in the low seasons. December to February are the peak months and everything could be dead pricey but anything after that can be easily planned. Monsoons are fairly cheap, so you check your calendar there may be. Also, spa and transportation costs are very low with respect to other colorful locales, and in addition the stunning and amazing food alternatives that end up being a small amount of the cost to make rest of the trip fairly extravagant. Things to do in Bali are Drink from the fountain of youth at Goa Gajah, Watch the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur, Let monkeys climb all over you at Ubud Monkey Forest, Climax at Waterbom Bali, Explore the underground labyrinth Goa Gala-Gala, Experience the Golden Hour at Agung Rai Museum of Art, Tegallalang Rice Terraces and a lot more that might take days for us to pen. This exquisite location is an ideal location for everyone, be it couples, families, friends, etc.



2. Thailand: A Thailand trip is a trip that everyone asks for. Are you already done hearing all the Thailand tales by your friends? Well, we have a way out for you. There are a zillion ways to have a budgeted Bangkok trip, allow me to list a few here. The first thing is homework, there are thousands of travel agencies offering you different packages, so make up your mind well in advance and pick up a date, preferably a downtime and book your travel tickets well in advance to get the best deals. Rather than going for a standard 4 or 5-star category, you can choose a 3-star hotel that can save a lot for you. After all, you would be spending most of your time exploring so why spend unnecessarily? A per day stay will cost you around INR 1200 per day and the food is pretty affordable too. It would cost you around 100 baths that is 200 rupees a plate and the transportation cost is very nominal too! Activities that you can do are Local Shopping (you get amazing clothes and electronics in the market), Floating Market Tour (shopper beware; this place is supremely irresistible), Elephant Tourism, Medical Tourism, Water Sports (a must do sport), Treks (if you are one of those advents), Night Parties are the major things among many in a Thailand to-do list. An amazing place to relax and have the best time indeed. So no more google-ing economic tours, all that is left to do is preparations for this trip!


3. Seychelles: Ever heard of Seychelle before today? Honestly, I recently got to know about this place by a friend and after a thorough study the place turned out as an absolute surprise. Right from being cost-effective to immensely beautiful, this place has everything covered. Seychelles out stands all the places when it comes to the cheapest foreign tours. Seychelles, an integral part around East Africa has these 115 group of islands called Seychelles. There are plenty of things that one can do here in Seychelles and if you are one amongst them who loves beaches and water sports, this place is just meant for you. Other things that you can do is Nature Tours, Wildlife Tours, Glass Bottom Boat Cruises, Ocean Cruises, Island Exploration, Water Sports, Leisure Tours. The hotel in Seychelles would cost you somewhere under 1000 INR per day and one can get ample food in merely 500 bucks and lastly the transport here is pretty cheap and frequent so there is nothing that you will have to worry about. There is a lot of exquisite islands that you can visit or stay at all you need is a bit study to choose the perfect place. This could be hard because there are innumerable islands and all are equally beautiful so choose wisely. Worried about how to get here and the air ticket fare??? we have left no loops in our research. Now you can find the best flight deals with Yatra Promocode get 10% upto 10,000 off on your international flight booking and much more. Do research a lot about Seychelles and satisfy your soul and once that is done, you better start stuffing for backpacks because my friend Africa is waiting for you.


4. Malaysia: Malaysia is a small city but is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Indians especially known for its budget friendliness also Malaysia has a lot to offer. It is an ideal location when you think of a family trip or for a nice quality time for couples. From pristine scenarios to its pleasant climate and marvelous beaches, you are never going to get bored in here in Malaysia. If booked well in advance, you can get rooms for as cheap as rupees 600 per day. The charges often fluctuate as a result of seasonal changes. If you are looking forward to a budgeted trip, do check your calendar before planning as peak season would drastically fluctuate all the prices. Talking about meals, generally, a proper full-fledged meal will cost you around 300 bucks. Transportation here is a bit pricey but you can always find better alternatives there. There are many fascinating activities that one can do in Malaysia like taking a Cultural Tour, a Leisure Tours, Local Sightseeing, Shopping, Wildlife Tours, Nature Tours, Adventures etc. In Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur, Miri, Petronas Tower, Kangar, Sarawak, Labuan, Pangkor, Langkawi, Redang Island, Mount Kinabalu, Kapas Island, Rantau Abang Island are the places one should go to while in Malaysia. Sounds exciting right? So pack your bags and get ready for a budget-friendly yet an amazing vacation.


5. Philippines: ‘BEWARE’ once you enter this land it would be very difficult for you to leave this place because this place is one of the most beautiful places on this planet and has the best of people to interact with. The Philippines, known for the wonderful shorelines or beaches and unexplored natural magnificence is making up for a lost time among the travelers at lightning speed. Extraordinary compared to other things, though very underrated, it is one of the least expensive nations to visit from India. The tourism stats of this country deserves a boost for its beauty. Talking about your stay, well hotels are affordable but home stays can help you save more. A homestay would merely cost you around 700 INR per day, isn’t that fantastic for an international tour? Also, a hearty meal will somewhere cost you around 500 bucks including alcohol, indeed a life saver it is! Transportation is incredibly cheap here but the ferries might cost you more than others. A ferry ride starts at somewhere around 1200 bucks per person but is indeed worth the money. Activity attraction of Philippines includes Cultural visits, Trekking, Recreational and Leisure tours; Volcano visits etc. There are a number of places that you can visit in the Philippines so if you have ample time try and make the most of your trip or do your study first, see which place looks the most attractive to you and the finalize your plan. Simple right? So you get beauty, budget, and fun all at the same time! Not a bad deal ha!


These were our top 5 wonderful places to visit when you are on a low budget. So if you are planning for a vacation anytime soon do consider above-listed places since they are all a combination of beauty and budget-friendly trip. Do try all the famous local delicacies, try and visit local attractions, click thousands of pictures, create bundle of memories, be very safe and most importantly, before going to any foreign country to learn about few basic laws and what is prohibited there and lastly if you are carrying any medicines do take your prescription along because nobody would like to fall in trouble on a vacation after all.