A Look Back at The History of Gold


The one metal that has enjoyed a unique status for its varied purposes across all verticals is gold. It has been a millennium since gold came into existence with a story that has had a far-reaching impact on the world as a whole and yet its story Is far from over.

It wasn’t until the 40,000 B.C that the very first sightings of gold were recorded and if truth be told, it changed the face of metals tenfold. It was the Egyptians that first began making use of gold as a metal of value that was regarded as a priced possession. The monumental Pyramid of Giza boasts of capstones that have gold used in its construction.

Very early into its emergence, gold became popular as a currency and this was still the deed of the Egyptians in Egypt, a land dominated by Pharoahs and temple priests and the many intriguing, extravagant tales that come with their history. The people of Egypt were known for their extravagant and lavish choices. The kings were buried with a truckload of treasure in their respective shrines and gold took up a major weight of it.

It was then used by the Greeks for people to ascertain their status in society. They were amongst the first to use gold as a sign of status and wealth. It wasn’t too long before gold was chosen as an excellent investment prospect and people from all over the world could be seen investing heavily on this metal that was as much value in the monetary terms as it was it in its physical appearance. Given its excellent ductility, malleability and amazing tensile strength, it is no wonder that is a metal of utmost value.

Today, many years later, Gold is still regarded as a symbol of integrity, wealth and respect. Families pass down jewellery made of gold as heirlooms from one generation to another to mark a sentimental value and deepen ties within. Even today, gold is the choicest selection for a piece of jewellery. It is presented to loved ones whether it is gold necklace sets to newlyweds, 10 grams gold bangle designs to children right after they are born, earrings to mothers on their special days and rings, bangles and nose pins to friends and relatives on their meaningful occasions. Its die to its scarcity, its exquisite appearance, unmatchable aesthetics and economic value that gold is regarded as exceptionally luxurious. It may have been centuries and gold is still the valuable metal it once was.

More often than not, people are seen buying gold jewellery designs with price and weight taken into consideration to ascertain its value. These two are amongst the main factors to consider while buying gold at any store. It is easier today as gold is available in popular showrooms, marketplaces as well as can be shopped online. Whatever we do, there is probably one thing you couldn’t take away from a person – the heartfelt joy one feels on acquiring a piece of gold jewellery.