With the new technology you don’t have to worry about putting on makeup then washing it off in the evening after work and keeping on the same routine on and on each day. This at times may prove tiring and also takes your time doing make up and the expensive price of makeup. But this is about to change. The eyebrow tattoo, this tattooing allows you to have your make up on for years. There are different types of eyebrow tattooing including: 3D eyebrow tattooing, feather eyebrow tattooing and eyebrow embroidery. HRH beauty offers the best of eyebrow tattoos. Some of the tattoos that HRH beauty offers includes:


This is a stylish method of making sure your eyebrows are always beautiful. It might not be very permanent way but can last up to 2 years. It provides an extra natural and soft effect on your eyebrows. This process makes your work quite easier and quick. We use an electricpen that follows a template so that your eyebrows can have a natural look. This tattooing involves creating an illusion of real eye brows where you don’t have any. After the procedure you get products that help you heal and maintain your new 3D eyebrow tattoo.


This procedure involves tattooing a completely natural mimic of real eyebrow hair and can be customized. Some of the factors considered before tattooing we consider your eyebrow shape and size. This method is quite unique as each incision is made individually and colored individually. This process can be repeated a few times till you get the right desired look.


This a general term for eyebrow tattooing. Here a semi-permanent pigment is injected on the skin with a blade to simulate the impression of growing hair. This method creates a naturally looking eyebrows and creates bolder eyebrows. This pigments are added in parts of the eyebrow where the eyebrows are fewer and scarce. After the filling the eyebrows will look bolder, natural and flawless but according to how you want them to look.

This methods may be painful but surely have multiple benefits. First they create a longlasting result away from transplants which are very expensive this are the methods that create the longer lasting and natural looking eyebrows. This methods are also easier the dye used is quite permanent as it doesn’t wash off or smear. It saves time and money. Less time is used doing makeup daily, make up is also quite expensive thus this methods are economical in terms of time and money. Finally good and natural looking eyebrows helps ladies create a good first impression and helps to build self-confidence.

To get the best of the above procedures you can visit the HRH Beauty who provide the best in eyebrows tattoo all around Toronto.

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