7 Must-Have WordPress Security Plugins for Small Business Website

WordPress Security Plugins for Small Business Website

WordPress is extremely vulnerable to different types of online security threats because of its openness & popularity. The vulnerability can be found in a large number of WordPress websites. Experienced cybercriminals and hackers often use security loopholes to hack websites your website to steal its content, user data, make financial profits, redirect traffic to their website for fiscal benefits, kick you out of the business competition, etc. WordPress plugins help WordPress website owners to ensure the security of sites and automatically track & eliminate security threats. Here are some useful WordPress security WordPress plugins. Have a look.

  1. All in One WP Security & Firewall

All in One WP Security & Firewall

It’s a free plugin with many settings, has a built-in firewall at the site level and protects the website files and database 24*7. It automatically Checks files and database and reports if there have been any changes. Furthermore, it changes the standard authorization page, hides the WordPress version, changes the database prefix and dozens of other functions in an easy way. This plugin works on the principle of “prevention is better than cure. So, it is more useful for a fresh WordPress site.

The premium version of the Plugin adds a scanner to the site for malware protection. It automatically checks and finds the site in the search engine blacklist, emails about site events, site up-time, clearing of infections and deletion from blacklists. You can customize this Plugin with the help of WordPress plugin development service provided by IT companies and make the best use of it.

  1. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is a feature-rich plugin using which you can protect your WordPress site against different types of online threats & vulnerabilities. It is a nice WordPress protection plugin, helping you to deal with the latest security threats. It includes constantly updated threat protection, which protects your site with new web application firewall rules (WAF), malware signatures, etc. Furthermore, there are several functions which enables you to identify the good and bad IP addresses, automatically block SPAM users. If you subscribe to its premium version, you can enjoy the benefits of two-factor authentication.

  1. iThemes Security

iThemes Security

iThemes Security is a very popular WordPress Security plugin with 900,000+ downloads. After installation on the site, it automatically searches, finds, and eliminates malicious programs. You can customize the plugin both for beginners and advanced users. It gives more than 30 ways to protect the site. It automatically blocks, malicious accounts, tracks changes in website files, conceals login and admin page. Subscribe to its premium versions if you want to access more features to secure the WordPress website.

  1. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is a leading WordPress security plugin, which offers a firewall at the DNS level, protection against attacks and malicious code injection, and removal of a site from blacklists. When you use this plugin, all traffic landing on your site passes through their cloud proxy servers, where every request to the site is checked rigorously. Secure requests are passed to the site and malicious requests are blocked on their server. This plugin increases the overall performance of your site by diminishing the server load and boosting its loading speed. It automatically protects the site from SQL injection, XSS attacks, RCE, RFU, trojans, backdoors, and all other known threats.

  1. Cloudflare




Cloudflare is famous for its CDN service, which also includes basic protection against DDoS attacks. But, always keep in mind that its free service does not include a firewall, making it necessary for you to buy the premium version of the plugin. Apart from the application-level firewall, Cloudflare has a server-level firewall that scans all traffic on its servers and blocks fake traffic.

Thus, the performance of your site gets increased up to a great extent and the possibility of server failure is reduced even when there is lots of traffic on the site. The premium version of the plugin includes protection against third-level DDoS attacks and security against more advanced level attacks. Always keep in mind that Cloudflare offers a CDN with a large number of servers around the world and full advanced caching, which eliminates the need for configuring a separate caching plugin on the site.

  1. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security

It is another popular security plugin for WordPress with a firewall at the site level, protection of the authorization page, database backup, site maintenance mode and some settings to increase the site security up to a great extent. The plugin has a complicated interface but has an Installation Wizard that helps you to configure the plugin in an easy way. It comes with a firewall as well. In the free version of the plugin, there is no file scanner for malware infection. When you subscribe to its premium version, the tracking of intrusions and malicious files is given in the folder.

  1. Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet Anti-Spam

The performance of websites is adversely affected by the flow of SPAM comments and traffic. It gives a bad impression to search engines and users both and repel visitors away from the site. It is not possible for a site owner to track and eliminate spam traffic at all times. This is where Akismet Anti-Spam plugin comes in the picture. It automatically tracks and blocks SPAM traffic to your site and make it safe for use.

  1. VaultPress


All WordPress website owners must always keep in mind that regular backup is one of the most effective ways for website security. VaultPress offers (in exchange for a fixed price) its customers backups and security systems like regular site scans, automatic backups, and technical support to keep websites safe and sound. Its support team helps you track and fix several security issues. So, this plugin is very useful for WordPress website owners if they are desperately looking for an ideal backup and scan system for website protection.

Final Words

WordPress Website Security is a great concern for all those companies and individuals that use this excellent CMS for commercial online activities and earn their bread and butter through it. A safe website easily attracts a large number of potential customers and visitors every day and allows entrepreneurs to generate more leads and sales. Due to different commitments and responsibilities of daily business activities, it is nearly impossible for a site owner or admin to take care of website security issues and fix the emerging threats at all times. Apart from general measures aimed at enhancing the site security, they use WordPress plugins. It automates the site security work & successfully thwarts different types of online security threats to WordPress websites 24*7. Pick your favorite plugins from this to protect your site.


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