SEO Podcasts That You Need To Check Out For Getting Better Edge


Nowadays, with the advent of internet connectivity, learning something has become way much easier than it was previously. All the techniques, know-hows, detail information and other knowledge on the matter concerned is available at free of cost online. These huge resources of knowledge can be easily accessed and learned that will help you to develop your skills.

Similarly, if you do not have time, but want to gain knowledge on specific subject matter especially SEO Podcast, you may check these resources which are available online. By availing this resource, you can learn on the go and without compromising on your other daily activities.

Now, let’s check the best SEO podcasts that you can try for enhancing your skills.

  1. Search Engine Journal or The Search Engine Nerds

This particular podcast is in the form of journalistic interview format which takes into focus a specific subject every week. The host of the programme are specialised in the areas of SEO and digital marketing that gives you a special opportunity to learn it in a comprehensive manner. This friendly live conversation was previously known as Marketing Nerd that changed into Search Engine Nerds. However, now it has more than 100 podcasts that are available in platforms like iTunes, Android, or the SEJ websites.

  1. Authority hacker Podcast

This podcast can also be found in platforms like Soundcloud, iTunes and Stitcher where discussions related to SEO, marketing, and content marketing can be found. The informal and casual chat about the SEO topics will help you to clear your views regarding the subject matter. They also answer challenging SEO questions which would be a lifelong learning opportunity.

  1. The Edge of the web radio podcast

This particular one-hour podcast is hosted by Erin Sparks and the show is dedicated towards exploring various SEO related topics, digital marketing concepts and tactics, industry trends and many more. The main attraction of the show is the humorous interview format that also educates the audiences. The interviewees are generally leaders from the respective fields that provide you an opportunity to learn the best from the industry.

  1. Search talk live search engine marketing

Here, guests from the SEO and digital marketing industries come where they share their knowledge in this platform. The topics that are been generally discussed over here includes how to episodes, discussion on trends related to SEO and digital marketing, social media, SEM, etc. The industry influencers will share their experiences and knowledge about the concerned subject which you will be able to watch.

  1. Webcology podcast

This podcasts, too, explores various facets like topics, trends, and what’s new that’s happening around digital marketing arena. The respected gusts who are invited from various forums give their perspective about SEO, social media and related topics. Webcology has over 300 episodes and you can gain knowledge about the topics that revolve around Google algorithm changes, SEO, search engines, etc.

Most of your ideas regarding the subject can be gained through attending lectures, reading blogs and keeping yourself updated to the current trends. However, SEO podcasts should not be missed out. Therefore, take this advantage of this resource and shine.