All you Need to Know About Indian Swings


An Indian swing is an integral part of Indian home décor. The designs of Indian homes are a bit different from others. It’s a bit complex, exotic and exciting one. If you add a playful swing in your dining room or living room, the look and feel of your home will change instantly.

Indian swings or jhoolas can be prepared with different things including metal, wood or cane. The designs can be completely different from each other. Nowadays the makers use bold fabrics which give these jhoolas a distinct look. You can enjoy more when the surrounding is beautiful. So try to enhance the beauty of your living room by adding decorative Indian swings.

Different types of Indian swings

India is famous for its vibrant cultures and rich history. Swings had been invented long ago. These are the parts of our rooms for years now. If you go to South India, you will find bamboo swings. These are also part of traditional jhoolas.

On the other hand, if you go to Rajasthan, you will see Indian swings with bold florals. Neat cuffs of these jhoolas are impressive. These are also part of the traditional architecture of India.
You can choose according to your taste. From decorative items to simple one everything is available to give your home a vibrant look.

Indian swings for your living room

Nowadays instead of using couch or sofa people use an Indian swing in their living room to increase the beauty of this space. At first, you have to find out a good position for this setup. Don’t choose an area which is full of sitting options. You can also think about a complementary jhoola which is comfortable and a well placed sitting spot.

The beauty of a traditional set up

If you want to show your creativity and artistry, you can arrange a traditional setup with ornamental jhoolas. Apart from that, you can add a touch of glamour if you surround this beauty with different potteries, handicraft or artifacts. If you take a look at the internet, you will get multiple examples of a beautiful living room. Choose according to your preference and enjoy swings in the most beautiful place in your home.
Now let’s check out how to decorate your balcony with a fantastic Indian swing.

The balcony setup

The balcony is the best place where you can relax with a sip of tea. Indian homes are usually extended with the beautiful terrace. If you have a big balcony, you can place your favourite swing in that open space. Windows do not usually guide balconies. So you can watch anyone by sitting there or think of many different things by sitting in your favourite Jhoola. If you have a small terrace, you can choose a single seater swing. A single hook will be enough for it, and the best thing is it will not eat much space. In short, different options are available from which you can choose the best one according to your preferences.

So hang your favourite Indian swing and get the feeling of the best home.

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