Sonus Faber Venere: When Top Quality Meets Top Design

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Since its birth back in 1983, Italian manufacturer Sonus Faber, specialised in high end hi – fi solutions and home theatre set up, has always been a pioneer of excellent quality and revolutionary design, blending together first-rate materials and power with exclusive elegance, a perfect fit for classy and sophisticate environments. This article will specifically be a Sonus Faber Venere standing high end speakers review.

A home-friendly design

It’s the summer of 2012, an eventful year for Sonus Faber as the holding company Fine Sounds acquires American competitor McIntosh Laboratory Inc., a company of long history and great reputation. It is then that their new awards winning-to-be line, Sonus Faber Venere is introduced to the international market for the first time, made of 6 differently sized and shaped models that offer either two or multi-channel and home theatre solutions as well as giving the opportunity to choose one that best fits in any possible space setting.

Available in black, white high gloss lacquer and walnut wooden colours, the smooth and harmonic looking design of the Sonus Faber Venere Standing High-end Speakers, is conceived not to have an imposing appearance, but instead to blend in the home décor, but in fact becoming part of it.

The overall dimensions of the set (speaker plus stand) are 113.1×27.6×38.2 cm for a net weight of 31kg, with the base stand slightly tilted backwards to maximise sound waves spreading in the room

High-end Standing Speakers Product Specifications

To be fair, the Sonus Faber Venere High-end Standing Speakers were released in two different versions, the version 1.5, available in the market for just over £1,000 and version 2.0, available instead for about £1,500.

Some things in common between the two are their components materials composition, their inputs compatibility, the length of the stand and their general looks, but what do differentiate them? Well, the 2.0 version has got a slightly bigger speaker case, a wider woofer (7 inches versus the 6 inches of the 1.5), higher power range (up to 200 watts on the 2.0 versus the 150 of the 1.5 version).

A more in depth and detailed description of both pieces can be found on the original website www.sonusfaber.com.

Last but definitely not least, the sound for either version is characterised by being smooth and powerful, although to optimise the result it is advised find the right position for the speakers inside the room, it’s a matter of experimenting and finding what works best: it can also become a very personal choice since different people might prefer different approaches when it comes to this matter.


When we consider the long tradition of Sonus Faber, the stunning designs they create and the excellent quality of the sound they propose, it is natural to expect always something special from their products, and Sonus Faber Venere High-end Standing Speakers are definitely up to these high standards as they carry with them all the elegance and the quality that only this iconic company can deliver.


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