How to Pick the Right Real Estate Agent

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Looking for a property to buy or lease is not a walk in the park. Leasing or purchasing a property takes time and effort, as you have to look at several prospective properties and meet with owners and realtors and negotiate with them. To be able to find the right real estate for you, you also have to find the right real estate agent that will be there for you from the beginning until you close the deal on the property. Here are the things to look out for in a real estate agent.


Ask for their portfolio

A good agent has an extensive portfolio of previous clients and properties sold and leased. They should be able to provide you with a list of properties sold throughout the years of their career. They should have the list always at the ready.


Check their licenses and credentials

Your prospective realtor should possess the required licenses and credentials to be in the real estate business. They should be able to provide them to you right away.


Experience in the industry

Your region’s licensing authority can tell you how long a realtor has been in business. You can also ask this question directly to the realtor. If they have a good number of years under their belt, then chances are they will be able to assist you well in your quest for the perfect property or in selling your own property.


Look at the agent’s listings

In this day and age of the Internet, we usually start our searches in front of our computers. You can check out your prospective agent’s listings online. If they have a website with their own listings of available real estate in the area, then you are on the right track. An effective realtor must have a presentable website that is user-friendly.


Knowledge of the area

If you have a specific area that you want to scour for a suitable property, then your agent must have ample understanding of the said area. They should be able to take you around that area and have a good number of properties they can show you. They should be updated about London property news so they can give you a rundown of the latest in the real estate market.


Go to open houses

By going to an open house that you pass by, you will get to meet real estate agents that you can do business with in the future. You can ask for business cards and call them in the coming days to see which one will suit your needs and preferences.


Monitor signs

Go around your preferred area to see if there are any for sale signs put up. Then circle the neighborhood again after a few days to see if the signs have disappeared or sold signs have replaced the previous ones. That means that the agent can sell properties fast, and that is what you want on your team.


With the right partner in looking for the perfect property, you will find what you are looking for that much easier.