Selling Homes Yourself Versus With Property Agent – Who Wins?

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According to statistics by The National Association of Realtors, property agents sell 32% more homes than “for sale by owner”. But there are many factors that go into this single fact. If you are not convinced yet about why you should get a property agent to sell your home, we shall present our case through comparison. This would help you understand when, why, and where do property agents will be indispensable for you and where you can manage on your own. How good or bad is it going to be without a property agent?

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of doing it all alone. It is something people don’t do quite often. This is why people mostly rely on good estate agents to fetch them a fair deal. If you are searching for experienced and result-driven estate agents in Darlington, then contact Anthony Jones Properties now. They provide all-round property solution in Darlington. Visit their website at to contact them now.

Here are the things that you need to know and compare with:

  1. Small homes, mobile homes, and condos

When it is about selling mobile homes, small homes, and condos, you can be better off selling it yourself than getting an estate agent. Condos are generally a little more inexpensive than single family homes and it is fairly okay for you as an owner to sell it to prospective buyers.


  1. When you want a fair price for your homes

It is a fact that a known buyer would make you sell your home for a far lower price. But if you do not know the buyer personally then you have more chances of selling homes for better prices. Having an estate agent to make a fair deal for you would be a wise decision.


  1. When time is the master

If you have ample time to run around with pamphlets, advertisements, and more, then you can opt to sell your home for yourself. If you do not have the time to wait around and do it on your own as it hinders your work and business, then getting an estate agent is more profitable. You can find the best estate agents in Darlington at Anthony Jones Properties at


  1. When you cannot wait

If you have ample time and resources and you can wait patiently for your home to sell then you can sell it yourself in due time. But if you are having a time crunch where you need the money urgently as well as get shifted to your intended place soon, get an estate agent to do it for you. They will be able to get you buyers quick and you will also be able to get a fair amount of money for the property you own.


  1. When it is about getting every deal

It is definitely true that an estate agent has an upper hand when it comes to getting the right contacts. They have a web of contacts of buyers and sellers and more, which will only make this process a little quicker for you. Also, you wouldn’t be settling for the first few buyers you got on your own. You will be getting at least a dozen offers before you can settle for the best one. This is where the estate agents would come in handy.


  1. When the sense of negotiation matters

If you know you are not a good negotiator and you cannot talk out a good deal out of buyers, then it is always better to let an experienced estate agent do the talking for you. Not everyone is a good negotiator and it is perfectly okay. Do not lose out on the money you can have out of your property just because you are sceptic of the world. It is better to go for authentic and experienced estate agents who will get the best deals for you.

These are the comparison points that would help you make a decision for yourself. If you are searching for estate agents in Darlington who will save your time and money, then contact Anthony Jones Properties now. They are all-round property specialist and will get the work done in its due time.

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