Why Wise People Ignore Buying a Property Instead Go For Renting?

Buying a Property

As you travel through any high-tech cities, you are obliged to pass through big property advertisements selling the dreams of living with modern high standard amenities. Living in such smart cities you will notice more wise people and millennials are going for rent instead of buying a property. They just need to draft a rent agreement online, start living on renting a property instead of stuck with owning chaos.

There are tons of other genuine reasons for living on rent that also includes economic considerations and personal preference.

The millennial mindset

A new generation has come to a shift of modernization and living life on their own terms. Millennials are not so enthusiastic enough about homeownership as compared to the previous generation. The traditional parameters of success were to earn enough income and finally marriage then ultimately watch their children growing. They were keener to spend life in earning a dream to own a house and not having any financial freedom. Earlier people used to focus on owning a home instead of Financial freedom.

The paradigm shift in mindset from traditional time to modern time has made this generation to take wise decisions. These decisions mainly encompass financial freedom that they can have only when they do not spend life long earning in buying a home. Metropolitan cities like Noida, Delhi millennials believe they can spend the hard-earned money in making their life beautiful, investing the earned money in high return assets, or building a business will be much more beneficial instead of buying a home. They believe to set their money on rent agreement in Noida to have more living freedom.

Their mindset is not to stick to any particular geographical area. Though renting allows them more flexibility and freedom that also gives them more job opportunities. Millennials also provide them a chance to stay close to their businesses while on the other hand residential apartments are relatively costlier to buy.

EMI factor

Millennials do not want a huge burden of EMIs on their careers. They do not want anything that will write-off 20-30% of their salaries, they find it pricier to be tied down to EMIs, or mortgage as it can risk their earning. As their high shift demand for the job, they can not afford to live in a particular corporate landscape. In the ever-changing business environment, they can not be tied down to a house for the rest of their lives. They are bound to have the flexibility of moving from one place to another. 

Ease of shifting

In the case of owning a home, it takes a lot like maintenance, finding a buyer, calculation of depreciation, estimating the actual cost, getting a bunch of papers ready, and more. The process of buying and selling a home is very hectic on the other hand renting a home is only about drafting an rent agreement in gurgaon


Many researchers also in favor of renting over buying a home. In the report issued last year, the Urban Institute found that renting a home is more beneficial than owning a home. A survey from HireAHelper found Millennials are more prone to renting because they need to move from one place to another in a shorter period of time. 

Till now we have discussed much why millennials go for renting rather than buying a home. Now take a look at some benefits of renting we can have:

1- Less expensive

There are fewer financial hurdles in renting a home property than owning a home. You do not need to worry about property taxes, repairing, or any kind of maintenance.

2- Not risky

You can shift a home anytime you want without indulging in any kind of risk

3- No unexpected expenses

You know what you are supposed to pay each month as rent.

4- No Upgrade

As a tenant, you do not need to upgrade the home. 


There are many factors responsible to describe why millennials prefer renting moreover buying a home for permanent decisions. Also, we have concluded many benefits on living or rent after getting the rental agreement. In the end, experts say that renting a home in Noida after drafting Online Rent Agreement is one of the great methods to build wealth shortly.