Streamline Your Search Engine Optimisation With 3 Great Tips

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation in Australia is a burgeoning activity that more businesses than ever before are engaging in. Widely considered one of the best techniques to make your business more competitive online, SEO aims to push your rank in search engines higher through legitimate, targeted actions.

While search engine optimisation is most effective when it is comprehensively planned with appropriate research and goal setting, there is always more that can be done to deliver excellent work. With SEO being broken down into on- and off-page work, there are some great tips for improving both parts of your optimisation.


Your fishing rod on this journey, if you will; you can’t get anywhere in Google without critical elements of your on-page design optimised for search engine results.

Responsive Design

While this is well beyond the scope of traditional search engine optimisers, if you are looking for a killer website that ranks well in Google searches, then you must have a responsive web design. Responsive design means your site works on both mobile and desktop browsing, which Google is on the record as being very positive towards.


We all know that optimising your page titles for keywords is super important, but some people still try to focus every single page towards the same keywords. What’s more important is to have one or two similar keywords per landing page, and put all effort into those pages specifically. If you spread the same keyword across five pages, Google won’t rank you as highly as if you worked on the one page only.

Good Quality

We also know this tip, that Google loves good quality content, with minimal keyword stuffing. But people still think that this just means you can repeat yourself again and again with similar sounding paragraphs and believe that you’ll rank well. But that’s not true. You must have original and unique content with excellent quality and value-adding information for every single post.


While on-page work never ceases, off-page work is just as crucial. Like the lure on your fishing rod, you need to work hard to use the right type of bait for your site.

Link Audit

Building links off-site is crucial, even in 2018. But one thing that search engine optimisers tend to forget is that you are not the only one building those links. Regular review of links to your client’s site is critical to ensure that nothing is pulling your rankings down.

Guest Blogging

When we say that link building is still critical, everyone understands that there are good links and bad links. Don’t use link farms, don’t buy your links, and keep finding new resources. But one that needs to be embraced is guest blogging, on legitimate resources. Reach out to bloggers, ask to post about things, and don’t be afraid to hear the word ‘no’.


Finally, keep striving for quality. The internet is continually evolving and so should your optimisation practices. If you’re using the same sites as you were three years ago, something is wrong, and your quality has probably dropped.

Improve Your Search Engine Optimisation

If you’re looking to be competitive in Australia, search engine optimisation is critical to ensure you get there. Push your rankings in search engines up higher than ever before with a qualified, experienced and highly-regarded online marketing provider.


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