Three Important SEO Tricks That e-Commerce Websites Overlook


The e-commerce world is highly competitive. There are thousands of websites (with niche products or services) for online shoppers from all around the world to click. In this highly competitive space, every unique detail or edge on your website can go a long way.


Any Top SEO Company does its fair share of diligence when it comes to working on website SEO (search engine optimization). The experts make sure that the base level of SEO strategies is applied to every e-commerce website and web page, they work on.


Well-optimized e-commerce websites for SEO are different from company websites and blogs. There are thousands of product pages that may create mayhem for SEO planning. For e-commerce websites, the basic level of search optimization cannot guarantee more traffic.


The following three SEO tricks are important for e-commerce websites but these are often overlooked, as many websites consider these are overrated. But to your knowledge, these three tracks are still very important and can help you outreach larger audience worldwide.


Keyword Placement


The right keyword placement always wins. But stuffing keywords to your page will put you at the risk of being penalized by search engines. You need to shift your focus towards putting the keywords in right locations, not overdoing it.


Google gives importance to the beginning of the title tags. So, it is essential to place your targeted keywords in the right locations, such as meta titles, URLs and meta description. This way customers will be able to see what a specific product is about and whether it’s relevant to their needs.


Image Optimization with Alt Text

Many e-commerce websites may miss the capitalization chance on solid image alt text (alternative text). Alt text is actually a short descriptive text that is mentioned on images on a website. Any good SEO Services India would stress the importance of alt text or Google web crawlers to read your image, as well as give context related to the content around it.

Properly written and located alt texts can easily give your website an upper hand on your competition while taking advantage of popularity on Google image searches. Alt text is more important for e-commerce sites because they contain a large number of images, included in the typical web store. So, you need to take time to add quality alt text to each of your product images. With this large undertaking, you will be able to see benefits when you beat your competitors in the SERPs.


Quality Content

The phrase “content is the king” is popular in the SEO world. This is because original content improves your website ranking and also keeps readers engaged. However, the problem of duplicate content is badly affecting the web content in search engines. Moreover, Google also penalizes website using duplicated content on their web pages. It creates issues for search engines to attempt indexing of your URLs. The duplicate content makes it difficult for search engines crawlers to figure out which URL is more relevant for specific keywords.

The duplicate content is pretty common in e-commerce sites, as the vendor-provided descriptions of their products are often copied and pasted on different e-commerce websites. But you must ensure that a large amount of duplicate content across the internet can hamper your website ranking badly, as Google tends to penalize the websites producing duplicate content or don’t rank them higher on the search pages.

Therefore, to avoid Google penalty, it is best to create unique product descriptions for each product. It is indeed a large undertaking but original and unique content will surely provide your better search engine rankings. The idea here is to avoid duplicate content page after page. But the aim is to rewrite the content in a unique manner that makes the descriptions interesting and you will be good to go.


It is actually true that SEO-optimized e-commerce websites form different everyday challenges compared to traditional websites. However, the maximum content can be optimized with the right content, along with relevant keywords usage. While it will be easy and tempting to opt for a basic SEO strategy and consider it perfect for better ranking, you need to take extra steps for leveraging tactics that many website managers overlook. With a little extra effort and time, a professional SEO Company will help you to get better results and increased web traffic.


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