Top Backlink Techniques That Will Rule in 2019

Backlink Techniques 2019

Hey, finally so you made it through the digitalization of your brand? Ah, kudos to you!!!

Don’t shy away, you definitely deserve it. After all that brain boggling exercise you truly do. And that website looks stunning with all the latest tech stack and superb features like responsiveness, awesome user experience and what not.

But is your job over?

While you must be sure that it is, we certainly doubt it is.

Like what’s the use if your potential clients cannot find you easily? You must be really drolling over the live face of your brand, but how will it land up in your users’ devices?

Let’s understand this using an example. Imagine launching a web application that offers doorstep delivery of top-notch products that users cannot find anywhere. The website is loaded with every feature that adds value to the user’s shopping experience. But the case is the products which users don’t find anywhere are the ones that they find through Google search. And if you don’t appear as one of the search results there, what’s the point of this shiny website anyway, is there? Apparently, no.

So, the aim of this article is to save you from such situations and get your sites to the pages where it is visible to your customers, the TOP Pages on Search engines. The strategy routes via backlinking techniques that help you amazingly.

First of all, let’s tell how what role do backlinks play in ranking you on Google, or any search engine for that sake.

The power of backlinks can never be overlooked. And that’s something Google approves. Google counts backlinks as the topmost ranking criteria on Google. Here’s an elaboration of the same:

  • Links make up a major part of the WEB.
  • According to Google, websites without backlinks is unnatural.
  • Links indicate valuable content that should rank on search engine’s top pages.
  • Links pass power and trust
  • Backlinks help Google to discover your website.

While there is no end to the list, we’ll cut the crap and keep it to the point. So, let’s reach it up faster and know what strategies can you follow to build great backlinks.

Top Backlink Techniques That Will Rule in 2019

#1. Help a Reporter Out Technique

Help a reporter out or HARO technique is the one that gets you great backlinks from the journalist platforms and resources.

Everyone is pretty aware that journalist platforms are always craving for buzzing news and building sensational news. You can leverage this power to pitch in a great story and get great backlinks. You can start right away by signing up for similar websites and stay updated with the source request. While it may sound a bit mind-boggling, it is one of the most rewarding ways of gaining authoritative links.

#2. Blog about Trending Topics

Blogging about the recent topics is an amazing way to get some amazing backlinks to your website. It helps you get relevant content in the least time. You can get some in-depth research-based articles to yourself and target the voracious readers who crave information. Make sure you target the topics that are hot in the market for which information is not easily available. This also helps you win on the account referrals as well. Once the users find relevant information, there are high chances of them sharing the same with others too, bringing you a huge amount of backlinks. Thus, making your blog a go-to destination for readers.

#3. Co-authoring

Join hands with other bloggers and you’ll win lot many backlinks to your kitty pretty soon. Pitch them content ideas and ask them if they want to get great content. And meanwhile, don’t forget that you are doing this for backlinks.

On the other note, you can have your thinking cap on and apply the subject matter expertise to pint-in this-for-that favor. Thus, a win-win situation for both. While they get quality content, you get a backlink in return.

#4. Broken Link Technique

Broken links? They are there everywhere and guess what, they can earn you superb backlinks. Make effective use of the link juice recovery tool and locate those broken links. Make a list and repurpose the old content. Yes, simple as it appears.

Alternatively, you can help out some other websites. Find their broken links and pitch-in content ideas asking them to create content around the same. Not to forget, asking them for a backlink in return. However, this strategy is up got the discretion of the website admins.

#5. Building Link Relationships

No one can understand the value of building relationships better than the one involved in businesses. And that adds another point to our top backlinks techniques. Sign up for the community forums and platforms that get you connected with others in your niche. Connect with them on social media platforms and comment on their posts, show them that their content attracts your interest. Once your business turns out into a fruitful business collaboration, you can pitch-in ideas for link building.

#6. Turn Mentions into Backlinks

That requires a pinch of smartness You can transform your mentions into backlinks easily, All you got to do is, whenever someone mentions you, get connected and ask them to change it to the backlinks. It is one of the speediest techniques that earns you quality backlinks.

#7. Skyscraper Technique

Well, this is trickier to implement. However, it’s fun, exciting, and of course, highly effective. Coined by Backlinko’s Brian Deam, according to this technique you need to create unique content around one of the issues in your niche and provide a valuable solution to the same.

If your solution ends up among the top ones, you are going to win authoritative backlinks in no time.

Take Home Message

Now that you have the website, and have the link building points handy, why waste any more time??? Gear up and get started on your journey to rule the search engine optimization. All the best from all of us to you!