3 must have SEO Tools in 2020

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The world of web is like the universe we live in. What unites them both is the fact that they are ever expanding. This never-ending expansion brings a lot of interesting things to the surface and demand that we indulge ourselves to reap greater benefits from them. Enough with the comparison let’s get to the business end of things: Business, websites, and increasing sales through SEO.

SEO or search engine optimization is a process which gets your website to rank better. Meaning? Let’s say you are looking for Spectrum Internet or Cable. You will type the same in the search engine and get some results. You see additional options on the top and then come to the options that you are looking for. The options that have ads written on the side are on top of everyone else because they have paid to get this place. The results following the ads are the ones that got there organically. Organically? This refers to little to no spending to get this position. It involves a lengthy and complex process to get there.

This process of attaining a better position in a search engine Involves both art and science. The combination of the two along with hard work gets you results. What results? The aim to rank better is not something that one wants. It gets more people to land on your page which results in better sales. So, SEO is the process to have your website or webpage rank better so that you can boost your sales. It is like conventional marketing. The aim is to create more awareness amongst potential customers which ultimately results in better sales. The only difference is that one is done out in the world and uses a different medium. The other uses the World Wide Web to reap results.

Forbes reports that the SEO industry is set to reach $80 billion by 2020. The aim is simple, increase traffic gets better sales. This makes SEO the real thing. It seems to be growing and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. It is impossible for anyone to achieve great things without any help. The best help is your brain but it will require a few tools to accomplish the goals you have set. Here are 3 SEO tools that will help you rank better in 2020.

1.      Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysis Tool

Ranking better is an ongoing process that requires time. You cannot expect to do a little touch up here, a few changes there, and the results changes in your favor. SEO does not work like that. It requires attention to detail and constant changes. It is due to the fact that search engines change the way they analyze a website or a webpage. Those factors that add up to get you the rankings you want require constant supervision.

This supervision is simply called an SEO audit. This audit can have a lot of details and many aspects to look after. Going through them on your own without any tools is a daunting task. To help you with this audit Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysis tool comes in handy.

Identifying issues may be the easiest thing in the world. Getting fixes for that issue is what makes it a task. Woorank is a comprehensive tool. It tracks your website and gives you a detailedanalysis. It looks at your websites and scores it out of a hundred. It then follows it up with things you have done in an appropriate manner. It gives you a list of practices and items that can be improved and at the end, it shows you the errors you may have made which are affecting your rankings. Once all of this identified it offers fixes for errors or mistakes. Best practices for areas that need improvement. All in all, it is a complete tool for your optimization needs.

2.      Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker

Many things play a vital role in improving your SEO rankings. Backlinks are one of them. Ahref’s backlink checker gives you an insight into the links from unique websites. It is like telling you the references or quotes by telling the book names. In addition, it also shows domain ratings where needed.

What excites us about this tool is the fact it works on all websites. It will give you insights about any links you want to look into. Be it yours or any of your competitors. You can look into how your competitors are working and what is it that makes them better or worse than you.

3.      Google’s Webmaster Tools

What would be better than asking what to do in an exam than the examiner themselves? This is why it is the best way to see how your website is doing. Google’s Webmaster Tools is a collection of resources that are explained in an easy manner. This description makes it easier for everyone. It serves the purpose of both beginners and experts.

Fetch as Google, for example, helps you see a website as the search engine looks at it. It’s like getting an exam and answer booklet. You know the guidelines and now you practically see how these guidelines work. It gives you insights that probably are more authentic with an added advantage of letting you know exactly what is wrong with your website. Once you know the trouble, you can then work on improving the performance issues. It’s like getting a detailed diagnosis and now you can start the recovery plan.

Another tool that needs to be mentioned here is the Page Speed Insights. Ittakes the website and checks it for best speed practices and then gives an estimated score. The score can be good, 80 or above, Medium, 60-79, or Low,0-59.


SEO is a vital part of a sale generating campaign. Optimizing your website is the key to do so. This optimization process has both method and madness. This combination of the two requires more than a few helping hands. In this era of technology, software or e-resources are your best assistants. They check backlinks, look into the positives and negatives, and tell you what you need to do. They practically tell you what to do and all you have to do is make the tweaks and see the results change in your favor.



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