Artificial Intelligence and SEO – The Connection in Future

AI with SEO

In the past two decades, there has been an accelerating rate of technological advancement and innovation, making life much more comfortable.

Currently, the society has become fond of technology because of the convenience it brings. Lifestyle has changed and adapted to the new technological improvements.

Let’s admit it that we cannot live without technology in this new age of millennium.

However, technology can not only be described by tangible machines or devices. It has already penetrated deep into the world of cyberspace.

Among the notable technological developments in the cyber world include the use of artificial intelligence.

At present, algorithms play a vital role in various web-based operations. Due to the importance of technology in society, search engines are also advancing with technological space.

For instance, artificial intelligence has been influential when it comes to web search engine optimization (SEO). However, one significant question people might ask is what is artificial intelligence? And how can it help in boosting the search engine optimization?

To better understand the connection in the future, we first take a look at how AI is used currently and how this will prepare you for future use in SEO.


How Al is Currently Used in SEO.

  1. First and foremost, nearly everyone uses Artificial intelligence online. A perfect example that is common to all is Google. Google uses an Artificial intelligence program to assist in the prediction of the search text you are looking for. Have you ever asked yourself how Google knew that you are looking for “Beautiful flowers’ after only typing “Beautiful?’ It’s because of artificial intelligence.
  2. Al is playing an essential role in the search algorithm. In most occasions, SEO experts ensure a great deal of strategic planning and analysis before undertaking web optimization. Bearing in mind the fact that each website is unique, they often analyze the website qualities so as to custom websites which perform their intended purpose effectively.
  1. Google has continued to benefit from Al to improve its browsing efficiency. Through AI, Google pays attention to the keywords that you search and brings you a variety of results surrounding the keyword.
  1. Also, through google analytic tools such as SERP, you can quickly identify phrases and keywords that best relate to your searched link. This also helps to predict the text you might be searching for leading you into an easy google search.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines such as Google processes billions of searches each day. Majority of searchers never appear on the first page.

Therefore, to optimize your rankings, it is recommended that you optimize your website using SEO. SEO plays an important role, especially in online marketing.

Online marketers often prefer SEO as it improves the visibility of your webpage in order to reach a wider audience. SEO improves your website ranking, therefore, enhancing your marketing potential.

Companies who use SEO are more likely to get more visits and clicks to their website. The future connection between AI and SEO.

Scientific discoveries are still underway to merge both the Al and the SEO for better performance and to enhance the digital world of marketing in the future.

Searching for keywords will be adjusted in order to suit online searches. With such innovations, it will be easy to collect detailed data such as the locations, previous searches, and other activities done within the cyberspace.

  1. Artificial intelligence and SEO are one of the most vital connections that could impact positively in regard to future technology. By knowing the background information collected by artificial intelligence, the SEO will use this even to improve its searches.
  1. It is also worth noting that search engines are not separating themselves in taking advantage of AI use. AI will make the websites to collect as more information as possible, provided that they are useful for the searcher’s algorithms.
  1. Google, as well as other search engines, will put emphasis on companies with better mobile optimization. Therefore, in order to be seen by the AI, companies will have to engage SEO consultant to optimize their sites not only by having mobile-friendly websites but also mobile optimized ones.
  1. Another significant future development that is more likely to take shape is voice searches. As voice-based technology continues to advance, AI is also taking root and becoming better. In most cases, voice search always tends to be concise and blunt. In a nutshell, SEO experts should make the use of such opportunities so as to establish a compelling voice search optimization strategies.
  1. As AI gets smarter, it will be easy to eliminate shake users and shady bots. In other words, there will be fewer bot driven scams as well as reduced fake online engagement. This will benefit both consumers and businesses. For instance, the buying of fake social media followers who often provide false and automated engagement will slowly decline.
  1. Online engagements will become more predictive. Currently, we already can see some predictive methods work in the cyberspace. For instance, when you search for a phone on Amazon, you will also be shown other related phone products that other customers bought. In the future, this is expected to go into an advanced level. AI will be able to track individual search and send them targeted ads or content, delivering you more personalized content. For instance, if you happen to search for leggings, touchscreen gloves, scarfs, and thermal socks in a week, AI may determine that you are preparing for cold weather and start sending you ads and contents relevant to the cold holiday.


Conclusively, the use of artificial intelligence in the search engine optimization is a technological advancement that will benefit individuals arrive at a more relevant, if not most important result in the shortest time possible. With the adamant of AI technologies, business companies will greatly improve their marketing strategies and gain more customers. AI and SEO are going to become more connected as technology improves. Therefore, companies using AI in their SEO will benefit a lot, not only at the present but also in the future.


Author Bio

Sandeep Mehta is an SEO Consultant. He provides consultancy to many companies according to their requirements. His main objective is to provide an action plan which makes the best online presence within less period of time.