How Indexing Helps to Improve SEO Health of a Website


It is good to have a creative and well-designed website if you want your business to grow and more customers to come your way. However, you cannot expect your website to be listed along the searched results if it is not a part of the Google database. This is where the concept of Google indexing comes into play. Google indexing is a proper process that comprises of two key steps, crawling and indexing. Crawling is the process through which Google bots search for new websites created or the ones in which pages have gone under modification. Through indexing, these modified or newly created web pages are added to the Google repository. Thus, you need to remember that if a website is not added to the Google database, it would not be shown in the search result list. Content is the major key when you have to index your site’s URL. Must use the approach of check for plagiarism in order to maximize the chances of your page indexing.

Indexer and its usage

Indexer is a definite need for website owners so that their website can be added to the database of the search engine. You need to pink the search engine so that your website can be viewed by users when they make a related search. If your website has not been indexed, people would not be able to view it.

No traffic without indexing

Website owners put in their time and money to come up with a high standard website. The purpose is nothing but to generate money and increase brand strength. However, if people are not visiting a website, the owner would not earn anything. Thus, if you have launched an amazing website but there is no traffic, the complete website or one of the important pages may not be indexed. This does happen when you have modified one of the important pages from scratch.

  • At times, websites undergo complete end to end revamping. This simply means that some pages would be replaced. When a web page is replaced, it has to be indexed again. The reason being that when the old web page would be removed, its indexing would be lost as well. For instance, consider that the products page of your website has been redeveloped. If the old page has been replaced, the new one would have to be indexed again. In other words, you would have to use the Google Indexer and ping the search engine again. If you are not getting traffic on the newly launched web page, it may be because you would not have indexed that properly.

Loss of organic searches

Website owners can only generate revenue from a website when users visit it or search for it. If you have a look at the websites ranked highly, you would see that all of them have a high organic search count. They generate revenue because people search for them. In addition to that, people search for them because all the pages have been indexed properly. When people search for the websites, all the pages can be viewed and this boosts the traffic rate.

  • Most websites owners do not use Google indexer which obviously has an impact on the indexing process. Other than that, a lot of them do not even know about the process of indexing. Indexing is necessary so that people can view your website. How can you generate revenue from your website if people are unable to view it and carry out transactions? Thus, indexing is necessary if you want your website to attain traffic and grow as well.
  • It is not easy to earn profits from the website as the level of competition between online brands is quite high. Even if you have designed the smartest website, it does not mean that you would start getting orders immediately. Things take time and for any website to get noticed by the audience, indexing is absolutely necessary.


Timely indexing is essential

As it is mentioned above, online brands have a lot of competition between them. If your website has not been indexed, you would lose business within no time. However, if you are uploading new content on your website and the corresponding page has not been indexed, one of your competitors may upload content on the same topic and this would hamper your business results. Thus, it can be said that using Google indexer in a timely manner and getting your website indexed on time is critical. Indexing a changed web page does not pay off well if the content has already been produced by competitors.

  • In the digital world, taking actions on time is the key and indexing is a much-related example. If your website has been indexed but with a delay, it would simply not make the needed impact. Most website owners notice the need for indexing when they have lost a lot of traffic. This is when they check whether their website is indexed properly or not. On the other hand, smart website owners work with a proactive approach. They get their website indexed on time so that they do not lose traffic and the business results are as per expectations.



The website should be viewable

When your website is not indexed, people would not even know that your website exists as it would not appear on the page of results. There are very rare chances that someone would not generate a search and type the name of your website in the search box. Most buyers simply generate the search through Google and then make a selection from the list of websites displayed on the screen. Thus, you can say that indexing is a mandatory factor if you want people to end up on your website and make purchases.


Summing It Up

A website is displayed in the search result list only when it has been indexed. At time, some pages of the website are displayed to the user while the others are unseen. This is because; users are only able to view the indexed pages. The remaining ones are not shown because they are not present in the database of the search engine. If you want to become a successful website owner, make sure that your website is indexed properly. This is necessary if you want to generate good profit volumes from your website.