How SEO Extension Can Help You Rank in 2019


The SEO job requires involving in frequent activities like searching for niche related keywords, checking redirects, optimizing the content and much more. In order to perform these SEO tasks with great pace, you need to make use of cost-effective SEO tools. Most of these tools are magical as they work faster and give exact industry oriented suggestions that result in increased productivity and maximum user engagement.

These tools will not make you an expert but will help you out in improving the whole SEO process. With the advent of modern e-commerce platforms, tools like PrestaShop modules, WooCommerceplugins, and Magento extensions also come to life. Let us take into consideration some high-end SEO tools and find out how they will help you in making your job easier.

How about an Ultimate SEO extension?

With the vast scope of SEO strategies and techniques, SEO experts cannot rely on a single tool to execute efficient results. Instead, they require multiple tools to achieve the best.

As they are searching for keywords, in the meantime they have to keep an eye on competitors and next they have to check for modern trends and way more tasks there will be in the queue.

Eventually, the web development companies have come up with an absolute solution that just looks like the ultimate SEO pack. This is a mammoth bundle of essential SEO tools that are perfect for the whole SEO maneuver. You may not require taking help from any other tool when this flexible package will be in your hand. Website admins can have such tools for Magento, PrestaShop, or even WooCommerce whichever suits the core eCommerce platform they use.



Managing an E-commerce website requires a spirit of dedication and extreme measures to serve your customers well.  Sometimes minor negligence results in utmost loss of traffic to the website. Canonical URLs offer an intimate solution by sorting out the duplicate content issue that results in a downfall in search engine rankings. The higher ranking matters a lot for each website and eCommerce business, which solely focuses on online purchasing, gets highly affected by the shift in SERPs.

Sometimes a brand needs to showcase its website’s imitation across multiple regions and the enlisted products get specified with similar words. It gets hard for search engine bots to identify the difference. That leads to lower rankings in SERP’s. The extension allows integrating tags to the products, so it will be easy for search engines to distinguish each product from another.

Automating the creation of Meta tags

An SEO expert cannot neglect the importance of Meta tags. As Google gradually updates its ranking standards, Meta tags have always been a major ranking factor. The ultimate optimization of Meta tags can give you leverage against your competitors who have not considered it yet. SEO extensions can help professionals by automatically generating Meta titles, descriptions and keywords, saving their time and efforts. These days’ efficient extensions allow generating unique short and long descriptions by just placing tag attributes.

Optimizing Images and Visuals

A website without visuals seems worthless and cannot get much attention than the one using graphics, images, animations and other types of media. Search engines take into consideration every website component for rankings. Websites that resonates with the SEO rules ultimately gets leverage.

Images play a vital role in giving a complete meaning to the whole story. The alt tags for images are efficient to inform search engines what the image is all about. Instead of assigning an Alt tag to each image present on the website, which could be hundreds in number, seamless image alt extensions perform this task without any extra effort.

Adding key information in Rich Snippets


A precise portrayal of your online presence in search results is of great importance because it provides an overview of your brand or services you provide. Snippets are the search results showcased by Google when a query is typed in the search bar. For each search result, you will see a title in blue with an explicit description.

A rich snippet provides you extra information in between its title and description, in the shape of ratings, price, reviews or other related information against each product or service search.  Rich snippets are of great significance for SEO experts as they assist in improving click-through-rate. They can make their job a lot easier by utilizing extensions that allow adding schema tags related to the business to manifest breadcrumbs and search box and there is much more than extra efficient extensions have to offer.

Ranking for Multiple regions and languages

These days’ merchants are more focused on facilitating users by offering personalized user experience. People love to view the content in their native languages and merchants now have started showcasing their website’s that resonates with its user’s demography. Now there are various extensions that serve the websites efficiently by transforming the written content to the relative native language the user is accessing from. Hreflang Tags Implementer extension is an honorable mention in this regard.  It enables choosing the default store language and allows choosing country-specific languages for multiple store views.

Giving Index and Follow instructions

Besides all other website optimization tasks, SEO experts also have to manage the scope of the content present on the website. Not each content needs to be crawled by search engine bots and make it available in searches. Here come most worthwhile SEO extensions that allow managing link juice on your site. Avoid duplicate content issues and save confidential information by hiding it from search engines.

Final Words

These days the competition between websites targeting similar niches is unyielding.  Every website seems to stay ahead from others through rich content, marketing, advertisements and by optimizing the content through SEO. SEO alone is insignificant if the content on the website offers no value to the users.

With each algorithm update by Google, SEO experts strike for keeping up with the updates. The ease of usability and effectiveness SEO tools helps them a lot, making them more passionate about their jobs.


Author Bio: Hamza Riaz is a Digital Marketing Expert at FME Extensions, a leading web design, and development company. He expresses his thoughts and experiences in the form of write-ups on topics related to different genres. You can find him on LinkedIn.