SEO – Good Reasons To Hire A Professional Instead Of Going The DIY Route


The primary reason why owners of small businesses choose to do SEO by themselves is that hiring an SEO professional or an agency usually tends to be quite costly. However, there comes a stage when your in-house resources will no longer be able to take your business to the next level. Some symptoms that may indicate it’s better for you to engage a professional SEO expert:

You Think SEO Is a One Time Fix

If you are one of those who think that you can spend a weekend tweaking your website for SEO and watch the site climb up the rankings, you couldn’t be more wrong. SEO is not instantaneous and can take many months to yield results. More importantly, SEO is executed in an environment that is extremely dynamic and demands intense monitoring and taking corrective action.

You Think SEO Is Only about Content

Because content marketing is an important aspect of SEO, you could be forgiven for thinking that if you keep on adding quality content to your website, you would rise to the top of the results page. It may surprise you to learn that SEO is much more than content. An SEO strategy designed by professionals like tayloright will typically have three major components; on-page website optimization that takes care of content, keywords, etc.; off-page optimization that includes activities in the external environment such as blogs and social media, and finally, technical optimization. If the in-house skills are not adequate to take care of all these things and more, you should definitely hire professionals.

You Just Don’t Know Enough about SEO and Don’t Want to Learn

Even though there are many nuances in SEO, it is possible for anyone with interest to learn it. However, you need to devote enough time and effort to understand how search engine optimization works. You will need to have some technical aptitude on computer programming languages, website design, optimization techniques for different devices, including mobiles, as well as, on and off-page SEO techniques. It is understandable that entrepreneurs are likely to have their own passions on the business front, and they would rather not get distracted by SEO.

You Just Don’t Have Enough Time to Stay On Top of SEO

Apart from having the technical knowledge and expertise, SEO implementation requires a large amount of time and effort simply because the online environment is extremely dynamic. Google itself announces 500-600 changes in its algorithm every year while competitor activity makes the situation more complex. You need to spend a lot of time analyzing the impact of these changes and figuring out how to counter them. If you don’t have the interest or the time, a dedicated SEO professional is an answer.


Professional SEO assistance is not cheap and if your SEO initiatives are paying off with a positive ROI, you can continue with the DIY approach. However, if your current SEO strategy is not effective and there is a huge potential waiting to be realized, hiring an SEO agency may get you the advantage you have been looking for.


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