SEO Vs. AdWords for Local Brisbane Companies


SEO Brisbane and AdWords Brisbane are the main parts of SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, and are among the most valuable tools for business owners when running digital marketing campaigns. They have similarities and differences, and there are times when you should use them separately or together, depending upon your business and marketing goals.

The best thing is to use a mixture of the two, and keep your brand at the top of internet searchers’ minds. Even when you rank in the top positions for organic search results, consider using AdWords to pinpoint users who may not be as familiar with your brand.

SEO needs more time for results than AdWords, however, it can result in a high rank on Google. There is no charge per click linked with organic search results, but ongoing work is needed to sustain your rankings with the search engine.

AdWords can be turned on and off instantly, while SEO can take a bit longer to influence search results. AdWords basically guarantees your business is displayed in the search results as well. There is no assurance you will rank in the organic search with SEO.

SEO targets high traffic keywords that are throughout your website if you do not keyword stuff. AdWords lets you respond quickly to a marketplace which is shifting by targeting new terms visitors could be looking for. This can be quite useful for ecommerce businesses.

AdWords targets a lot of variations which you have around various keywords, and lets you use negative keywords so you can avoid ranking for terms which do not make a good match for your brand. It also runs on various websites which register for Google Ads, so your site could get more exposure. It is a rapid method for getting quality leads and sales.

If you stop SEO, the ranking of your website lowers over a period because of a constant algorithm updates by Google. It also optimizes the quantity and quality of incoming links to your site.

You do not have to choose between AdWords and SEO. They are two very different tools which can be used to reach the same goal – an increase in traffic and sales for your online business.


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