Profiting from Making the Earth a Better Place to Live: The Best Small Business Ideas in the Recycling Industry

Best Small Business Ideas

There are enough trivial distractions around to make us forget about the fact that pollution is destroying everything from the air we breathe in, to the very ocean beds of the planet itself. Although it may seem counterintuitive to think that profiting and recycling should be used in one sentence, it actually isn’t, not in the real world. Here we delve deeper into how you can make money while benefitting the planet.

Monetization of the Recycling Endeavor Makes a Greener Earth Possible

In order for any proper effort towards cleaning up the planet to be successful, there needs to be a profitability aspect attached to it. Only when people can actually make a living out of working in recycling, would it be possible to put insufficient energy and effort to clean up the mess that has been made so far.

However, just as it is with any other sector of the industry, there need to be multiple smaller start-ups with fresh ideas and innovations in the recycling business. Even if there aren’t enough new ideas, just the fact that there are multiple smaller businesses trying to create an industry around cleaning up the planet should put a dent in our alarmingly high landfill and air pollution problems, among other environmental issues.

Starting with Recycling: Government Support

The US government has policies in place that automatically exempt recycling businesses with tax benefits and even allow for getting easy loans with low-interest rates. This means that it actually isn’t as expensive to get into recycling as you may think.

What About Machinery?

There is no denying it, compactors and balers can be expensive pieces of machinery to buy, but if you want to clean up and recycle all the plastic, vinyl and other waste created in business, you will most certainly need them.

The good news is that it’s possible to get a high-quality recycling baler or compactor at a fraction of the price from a site like They also have new ones for sale, but you are much more likely to find an awesome deal on a slightly used recycling baler. The other option would be to rent the equipment you need, but given how much of a discount you can get on second-hand balers and compactors, renting is not a cost-effective solution in the long run.

There Really is a Lot of Junk Around!

If there is one industry that needs more start-ups to join it, it would be the recycling industry, because there is enough toxic junk around everywhere to make the field less competitive than one might think! It’s an unfortunate situation for the planet, but it also means that there’s both the opportunity to help the planet and make a profit at the same time!

As unfortunate as it is, recycling rates are going down every year in the US, because the costs are becoming too high for the civilians to bear. This is exactly why a start-up in the recycling industry has so much potential and opportunity now. Just keep the costs as low as possible and the profit margin thin for the time being.