Guide to Facebook Ads campaign structure and setup

FB marketing provides advertisers almost limitless choices when it comes to how to target and advertise the company across the platform, which is awesome for you creative people. That being said, taking a methodical and measured approach to how the account is structured is essential to getting the most value from FB advertisements. For scaling in FB, you have to have a base for victory. You would not build the dream-house without taking some measurements, and the FB advertisement account should not be any diverse. In such a case, the best Facebook advertising agency can really help you out.

If you desire to master FB marketing and compete with the best, you have to start out rightly. In this post, we will outline how you can build an organized and successful FB advertisement account structure that permits you to maximize the control you have over the performance and budget.

Facebook Marketing Process:

Before you begin marketing on FB, you ought to have knowledge of what the FB marketing process is, the major parts of an advertisement, and the steps engaged in making an advertisement. An FB advertisement consists of three main parts: a campaign, an advertisement set, and the ad itself. Such components make the campaign structure. Let’s have a closer look at every element:

1. The Campaign:

Basically, it is the method for organizing the dozens of FB advertisements conveniently, so the workflow stays ordered and nice all the time, and all you need to carry out is to keep an eye on the key performance pointers simply. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? When you make the campaign, you lay the bases of the advertisement. Here you select the goal and begin working on the advertisement set. Having a clear comprehension of the advertising objectives at the campaign stage is the initial step to creating the base for the account.

How FB optimizes the campaign based on the selected goal eventually affects each decision going ahead. Our advice here is, do not attempt to outsmart FB, and simply pick the goal closest to the business objective. FB algorithms are quite complex, and, for instance, if you set the goal to Traffic, you will most likely acquire the traffic (and nothing else), because FB will target individuals who will make reasonable clicks. So, if the business objective is conversions on a site, it is better to set a goal to Conversions, because FB targets individuals who are more likely to change. It works for all other goals, too.

Also, if you desire to drive traffic to the site but also drive leads for the company, you will desire to make two separate campaigns. The crusade with the goal of driving traffic will perfectly have diverse advertisements than the one that’s optimized to convert. The cause for it lies behind how the algorithm of FB serves the ads. Let’s say, for instance, you desire to send traffic to a blog but also drive traffic to your landing page using a call to action. The approach ought to look something like this:

Campaign#1: Blog; Goal – Link Clicks.

Campaign#2: Conversions; Goal – Optimize for the Conversions.

Now what is significant to comprehend when making every campaign is whether or not there’ll be manifold promotions within it.

2. Advertisement Set:

Throughout the advertisement set making, you define the budget, audience, bid, and schedule. Note that the FB campaign might comprise diverse advertisement sets, denoting you can state diverse options for all of them. For having a full comprehension of which target audiences go well and which ones do not, it is very significant to be organized on the advertisement set level. It is where you’ll be pulling strings in regard to spending.

So, if one audience breaks, the other, you can assign more budget for the winning advertisement set. Taking it into account, you will desire to make certain there’s no overlap in the target audiences. The great way to yield the best outcomes from a structure like it is to cycle such advertisement sets through the diverse campaigns and assess the respective costs related.

3. Advertisement:

The advertisement is the thing FB users will see. You select how it is gonna look. Upload the picture (or pictures) and write the description and headline. Similar to crusades and advertisement sets, you can have numerous advertisements within an advertisement set.

The Value Of A Solid FB Advertisement Account Structure:

Whether you are driving traffic to the website or you are attempting to get some conversions, these techniques of structuring the FB ad account are necessary to the overall health of your investment. If you constantly stuffed the face with whatever the hell McDonald’s is putting into burgers and smoked a set of Parliaments a day, you would not be in great shape. Contemplate this article as a guide to getting such desirable FB advertisements so the company can go the distance.

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