How to Engage Social Media to Your Experiential Marketing Campaigns?

social media marketing

In an age of drones and live streams, why do people still go to music concerts? Why do people go on vacations, when they can wear VR gear to enjoy similar vistas? The answer is simple – people want to experience something unique first-hand. They don’t just want to watch a live feed or watch the waves crash onto the shore on a wearable. People want to feel the rush of adrenaline as the soundcheck begins. They want to feel the warmth of the sand under their feet. Experience drives the market, and that is a fact every entrepreneur needs to remember!

However, experiential marketing does not have to work on its own. Your brand can couple its event marketing strategy with a digital marketing campaign. It might sound like too much work, but planning it carefully can immortalize your brand in the hearts of the New York audience. 

Here’s what you need to remember before getting down to work on your experiential and digital marketing strategies –


  • Make it visually appealing


Getting the New Yorkers to look up from their smartphones is quite the task. The only way to achieve it is by creating a visually appealing display of your brand’s image, mission, and ideals. Whether it is a smart display of your products and services by integrating it with the user’s daily journey, or by installing a pop-up shop that offers exclusive product samples; you should remember to make the event share-worthy on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Your brand’s visual approach should include at least the following key takeaways –

  • Representation of the core ideals of your brand
  • Correct visual representation of the brand’s image
  • Targeting the right audience/consumer in a mixed crowd
  • Inclusion of a strong message that is impactful and memorable

Apart from including the key factors in your brand event, you should ensure that you are ready to live stream the entire event on YouTube or another media sharing platform. You should create a buzz from beforehand, so there are enough viewers for the session. Most importantly, interact with the audience when the post on the live video or Instagram posts.


  • Market the experience 


Research shows that brands have benefitted in the past from leveraging public holidays and special occasions for launching their experiential campaigns. Remember to pick the correct locations across NY for organizing your events. Don’t forget to put up enough physical signage and banners, even when you are thinking along the lines of a flash mob! 

Begin your planning by sending out messages on social media, creating event pages, and sending emails to registered customers. We know that experiential marketing targets new consumers. However, that is no excuse for a brand to forget the ones that are already loyal.



  • Interact to the fullest


Red Bull does this the best! They organize truck tours across the US, including several locations in New York. In a busy city like NYC, people need a rush of caffeine from time to time to get them through the bulk of work throughout the day.

Every brand should locate the pain point of its target consumers before planning an event. Whether it is a mobile truck tour that will take your name to the corners of New York, or a shipment store in the fringes of NYC; you need to ensure that you have your brand ambassadors ready to target the right audience at the right place for maximum impact.

That demands the creation of Facebook events, branded hashtags, and edited promotional videos on social media platforms. If you are investing in a mobile truck tour, remember to post from each stop and never forget to ask the participants for a like and a share on your preferred social network. Most importantly, tag all users and potential buyers, who engage on the spot. It is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to ensure conversion without added expenses.



  • Encourage out-of-the-box thinking


Sometimes a simple line of copy can make your brand stand out from the rest. Take Carlsberg, for example. In their campaign, they did what they do best – offered participants free samples. However, the creative team took it a step forward and designed a poster complete with a tap. All passers-by could get their fill by tapping the poster.

That boosted direct engagement, and it allowed the brand to find its way to the pages of The Guardian. Their YouTube video from the event location currently has close to 200,000 views. That goes onto show how social media engagement can amplify the effect of a campaign, no matter how simple or elaborate the idea.

Technology is a man’s best friend right now. There is no reason to discount it while designing your experiential marketing campaign. Leverage social media and listening tools to find out how your audience is engaging with the brand. Hire a New York experiential agency to help you out with this. Consider the feedback to create a more effective and well-rounded event for the next year!